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Comment Re:One Of The Best Things About Being A Mac User (Score 1) 551

apple's business model revolves more on the hardware, rather than the OS

there is a reason why i can buy windows 7 pro for $170 (virtually any PC) and snow leopard for $30 (and can only be installed on intel macs)

and to reply to the topic, you can still download the iso from MS or sometimes (use the label on your machine as the key), the manufacturer.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 0, Flamebait) 481

These lightsabers are toys. Not real inventions.

The concept of this non-functioning object is taken from the movie....

Helicopters, communication devices, and other thought of ideas became inventions that could not really be disputed. It's because those inventions were a concept the -author could not make- into reality

I'm pretty sure george lucas could have financed and made the same/similar toys if he felt like it.

Now I'm not saying that i agree with this action. Consider it like this: you have to pay the owner of the "Gundam" name in order to call a humanoid robot machine a "Gundam" the same probably is going to be argued with these lightsaber toys.

As stated in the article, the company has made similar devices before. Only this time it was intended to look like a lightsaber.

Comment Re:Now hopefully... (Score 1) 190

Don't they still have loads of pop-ups on those websites?
If i recall correctly, all of the major web browsers by the time IE7 came out had anti-pop-up software in them.
It wasn't that those advertisers decided not to send them anymore. It's that they lost the ability.

just my 2 cents... correct me if im wrong.

Comment Re:The sooner Android replaces KDE, the better (Score 1) 237

<quote><p>Gnome and KDE were imperfect Desktop environments so that F/OSS unix could have one. Now that we are getting a good one at long last (Android). Why stick with the old an obselete?</p></quote>

What can i do in android that i cant do in gnome?
What can the windows gui do that i cant do in gnome?
What can the mac gui do that i cant do in gnome?

Just because an environment is simplistic doesn't mean it sucks. I prefer gnome over kde because it focuses less on eye-candy and more usability.

I prefer gnome over windows because it doesn't try to compress my programs menu.

Also who are you to say that android is a perfect environment? Why do they constantly come out with new updates?

finally android was made for a touchscreen environment, not a point and click one.

Comment mhm ravens (Score 0, Troll) 201

So mammals evolved from these special birds? these birds are in the group that is known for their intelligence. Other birds do not share these characteristics apparently.

by applying this logic i should assume that all creatures with mammalian-like eyes originates from octopuses, because their kind is more archeic and their eye-structure is very similar (though it is accepted that the eyes developed separately with no relation mammals)

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