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Comment Long since proved why (Score 1) 794

Although this is overdoing it allot I think the state of many americans are long overdue for some nanny state control. When other parts of the world are dying of hunger, americans are dying of fat.

But I'll agree this is just silly.

And I wonder what this means.
from the article: "each individual addition of salt"
is that 1 salt molecule ?

Comment Re:Why Join? (Score 1) 272

Hehe, this is an ongoing dispute.
I agree with you on many levels, the big problem now is our currency... I hope to get as much power out of the hands of Icelandic politicians as possible. I trust the bureaucrats in Brussels more than politicians.

The best idea I've heard recently is for Sweden,Iceland,Norway,Denmark,Faroe Islands,Finland and Greenland to form a new coalition.

Combined we would be one of the 10th largest economy in the world, coming before Russia even.

Comment Re:You got the cause and effect reversed (Score 4, Insightful) 452

Abstaining from voting is not an expression of anything but lazyness.

Showing up and handing in unfilled ballot is an expression of opinion - and sends out a message.

The message is to people thinking about running that there is room for new people and to the people in charge that they are not doing a good enough job.

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