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Comment Re:Let's ban all guns! (Score 2) 1350

actually DOES result in significantly less gun violence.

That is true.

But it doens't result in less violent crime. So you're just as likely to be murdered.

Also didn't impact suicide rates at all.

So they changed the tools and circumstances around crimes, not the actual crimes. So they lost freedom and gained no security.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 376

I've worked with more than a few developers over 50. I don't really see age discrimination as much of a thing. Maybe your salary will plateau but, people seem to still be willing to hire older devs. Maybe not facebook or google, but that's their problem.

Comment Re: Silicon Valley is overrated (Score 0, Troll) 262

- In most all states, you can carry a 'deadly weapon', sometimes openly, sometimes concealed. Get over it. The crime rate of CCW holders is the same as the police.
- No matter what school you send your kids too, there will be some dumbshit taught to them. learn to be a decent parent.
- they are anti abortion, not family planning. get over yourself.

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