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Comment Re:So he uses the phone for GPS While Driving? (Score 1) 308

I think you mean standalone GPS doesn't make phonecalls, surf the web, fit in your pocket, and follow you everywhere... making it much worse than a Nexus One.

You people and your philosophy of having a hundred gadgets that do one thing well were cute back when we couldn't actually cram it all on one device, but now that we pretty much can, what's your excuse?

Comment Re:Doom was groundbreaking in ATMOSPHERICS (Score 1) 161

WTF are you smoking?


        Shotgun guy
        Lost soul
        Baron of Hell


Death Knights

Quake also had fighting monsters. It became part of my strategy in the later levels. Only monsters of different types would attack each other though. It was real fun dodging ogre grenades and making them explode on a shambler, who would then ignore me and shoot lightning at my ogre buddy.

Quake 2 sucked.

Comment Re:They're artificial limitations. That's the prob (Score 1) 1634

Yeah, the guys who manufacture processors are truly gonna give me the same deals they give Apple. All I have to do is drop Steve Jobs' name right? Then the chips will come floodin' in? Oh I guess I'll need a BIT of capital first regardless... Let me just make a quick craigslist post... "Billions needed for initial production of new product to compete directly with Apple's iPad -- without using any of their lock-in schemes, industry connections, or brand recognition in order to guarantee you profit."

I'm sure the money will just start pouring in.

Seriously though, are you fucking stupid?

Comment Re:six axes? (Score 1) 126

Yeah you'd be surprised at the large numbers of people who consistently fail at aiming with a mouse. Playing l4d2 with pubs inevitably involves one of them failing to shoot a hunter off of me for a solid 30 seconds, while they stand in front of me trying to shoot the zombie with a GLOWING RED OUTLINE at point blank range. In almost all of these cases they have the sniper rifle, because it looks the kewlest. Good gun if you can aim, but if you're inaccurate in the slightest the bullet's going exactly where you put it. With a shotgun or a rifle they at least have the chance of the gun ignoring where they're shooting and flying off to the side to actually hit something... agh...

No, I'm not bitter we lost. Why do you ask?

Comment Re:Ob. Matrix quote (Score -1, Flamebait) 478

Oh, right then. Symbolic cannibalism is fine. As long as the food doesn't ACTUALLY turn into people via magic, then I guess their crazy pagan ritual is alright with me. I am a bit confused as to what that has to do with remembering, though. Should they be putting away all those instruments of torture they love to wear around their necks? To me it seems like most christians remember his death by glorifying his murder weapon rather than by chewing on some stale crackers.

Agh... I need to stop trying to make sense out of it.

Comment Re:Android sales since 2007 are up ERROR%! (Score 1) 445

Have you ever fucking learned to communicate normally with people that you might not agree with? What's this for shit? To answer your rudely formed question: Yes, I have checked the site, I know how they fixed it and I was (up untill I sold the phone yesterday) running his FW. Why are you asking? I STILL expect a fucking (we are appearantly in Pulp Fiction mode because I appearantly said something REALLY bad that started that off) firmware from HTC. Since I bought the phone from them. I shouldn't be required to install an SDK and run recovery images just to get a fw with less bugs in it. For example the Location update bug that slows down the phone to a crawl within 2 days, fixed in 1.6 months ago.

Your inability to cope with four letter words aside, I really don't know what the fuck you're talking about. To install my updates I put the .zip on the drive and pushed the buttons it told me to. Easiest firmware update I think I've ever done.

They don't control the "goddamn radios"? I never bought the phone from any operator, I just bought it from HTC. It's not locked nor branded, it has a HTC logo on the back. How does that have anything to do with the "goddamn radios"? HTC is offering a newer firmware on their site as a download, that you can apply only with a Windows PC. Just as with less-official firmware, you don't need OTA updates to get updates.

OK so what's your fucking problem then? You complained because they didn't give you the firmware, and now you point out that the firmware is on their site. Were you talking about before 1.6 was released? You know HTC doesn't design the firmware either right? You know who the fuck MAKES Android, right?

Luckily we have you on to be the well informed guy that can help me out with some friendly advise.

Want some more friendly 'advise'? Take some more goddamn English classes.

If the CEO of a company that I'm a customer or user off says something, I note that as company policy. He's the CEO. He decides. If his views are not at all like mine, then I stop using them. That's what I did. You're free to use whatever phone you want.

Just trying to protect yourself from your own rabid overreactions.

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