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Comment Please... let me steal for another year or so... (Score 2, Insightful) 376

Honourable Judges,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am an MNC making a living through unlawful sale of copyrighted material. I heard that you are going to crackdown on people like me. Since I don't know a better way to earn a living, I request you to postpone your ruling for another year or so.


PS: Please note that if we don't sell our stuff for next 120 days, world will come to an end. And, I would not prefer to pay/reach a out of court agreement with the actual copyright holder to make the entire thing legal.

Comment Re:Market share and mindshare (Score 1) 297

Quite honestly, though, the community still gets the benefit of market share if some of the users fail to comply. Its one of those awkward questions - do you want "four freedoms" and an OS that nobody uses, or "three-and-a-half freedoms" plus a fighting chance of being a major player in a field where the competition offers "minus six freedoms"?

I agree with you to some extend. However, I have this question in my mind."How about driving a car with 3.5 tires?"

Comment Re:uuh..yeah. (Score 1) 294

Plus, our banks and stores and so on must get smarter security.

Smarter than what?... Vista and Win7 may be steps towards a more secure desktop environment,...

I don't know about the banks in other countries. But, in India, I can still point out a number of banks who forces MS windows and MS IE on their users. The site of those banks will not open if I use Firefox under Linux. For a starter, I think these banks should make their net banking possible through more secure Linux clients rather than forcing MS windows and IE on their users.

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