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Journal Journal: He's b..a..c..k.. 12

Stone cold sober, as a matter of fact.

I confirm things had gotten rather nice, and quiet around here. I confirm somewhere, somehow, someone needs to take their lithium again. But, this is not about guilt by association. Oh, no. I am a JOURNALIST- why? because I imply so! And, I am the boss of you! And, I am ALL nine Justices of the Supreme Court! Yeah! Chew on that!

I confirm it is time to get out the clue-by-four.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.

Hey, fellow manics, can you say: "dumbass"?


Journal Journal: obsure google hit: cnandor pudge Christopher G. Nandor cgn


I confirm, google for, _in quotes_, "Punjab Faberg" and you get some spammer with an email address: cnandor@... !

United States

Journal Journal: home schooling 4

Home schooling. I see no need for regulation; we can trust those home schoolers. I confirm they know what is best for their children.



It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: "google-pudge" 3

hey, help me develop the rules for a new game. it is similar to "google whack", but even more challenging. I call it


the idea is to find a two term google search, without referring to Christopher G. Nandor in any way, giving more than 50 (ya think?) hits, that upon adding a single term of pudginess, maintains the highest fraction of hits. Your score is your integer rounded percentage.

Remember, it is not fair to influence the googlebase to win.

I'll start with a modest example.

_ site:soundpolitics.com liar _ yields "Results 1 - 95 of 95 from soundpolitics.com for liar. (0.24 seconds)" and
_ site:soundpolitics.com liar pudge _ yields Results 1 - 49 of 49 from soundpolitics.com for liar pudge.

So my score is 49/95 *100 = 52, and I advance to the next round.

Rather like a debate with pudge, the rules can change as we go along, and you can call me a liar.

How about a few rounds?

User Journal

Journal Journal: SIAM: possible Violation of principle 14

In a recent (on-line only) article, "Scientific American" takes note of the possible violation of the pudgi exclusion principle.

"The pudgi exclusion principle concerns the hypothesized impossibility of Christopher G. Nandor fixing any bug that has been pointed out in slash code. Up until recently, the most important example was that the titles of most HTML pages, programmatically determined by slash code, made no fscking sense when bookmarked.

However, recently some lame-o, incomplete, brainless 'upgrades' have been noted. Scientists are still trying to confirm whether these changes have occurred due to efforts by Mr. Nandor, or by someone mistakenly adding their own greasemonkey scripts to the repository. "

For example, note the titles of the following:

    is "Slashdot pudge_confirmer (11)",
    should be: "/.: pudge_confirmer RULES"

    is "Journal of countertrolling (1585477)",
    should be "/.: Way to go, Dave!! by countertrolling "

    is "Slashdot Comments: Way to go, Dave!!",
    should be : "/.: 'Way to go, Dave!!' by countertrolling; reply "Dave? Dave?""

and don't even get me started on this:


p.s. remember about 10 years ago, when a little browser named "Communicator" preceded every title with the koan "Netscape: ". Boy, that did not last long, did it?

Don't forget to post; and up-mod the good posts you see here!




User Journal

Journal Journal: Come at the Tea Party on July 4th

Christopher G. Nandor will be performing at the July 4th Tea Party in Everett, at the Snohomish County Courthouse Plaza. He'll play two or three songs, starting around 12:30. The rally starts at 1 p.m.


I am sorry to confirm I can not attend.  If I could, I would be happy to show you my firearms.  I "open carry" because I do not have a "concealed permit".

I would buy him an alcoholic beverage, but I confirm he most likely would refuse to match me shot for shot.

Anyway, let me know how it all goes.  Being the 4th, it should be quite a bang.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Fun, fun, fun! 1

Who was it that said:

"I have not had this much fun since I joined an AOL chat room!"

This is no clusterfsck.  It feels more like I am throwing a Penthouse magazine into the middle of an adolescent circle jerk.

You guys are so much fun!


Do not read my journal.  Or, at least, if you do, put both hands into the air.
User Journal

Journal Journal: slash code

From the "I wish it would just _work_" department.

slash code   =>   http://www.slashcode.com/comments.pl?sid=2424&cid=6524  ,  http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=4421&release_id=97896 ,  http://www.slashcode.com/comments.pl?sid=2352&cid=6523 , http://www.slashcode.com/~invaderz/journal/ , http://www.slashcode.com/~SpyHackGrouP/journal/

I think we would all agree that it is sad to see a shipwreck, just off shore, abandoned and derelict, the waves of time slowly reducing it to scrap.

I am sad to think that such might be the metaphorical fate of slash code. I confirm: Two comments in two months; spam.  Last two journals, spam.  Last code update at sourceforge, August 18, 2006.

Here is a little article about why large software projects fail.  Why do _YOU_ think slash code is failing?


Is there a hero out there that can save it?  Or even a collection of superheroes?  Or even a crowd of friends?

I confirm I have downloaded the code, and once mused upon using it.  How about you?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Friends 3

I confirm it is good to have friends in the world. Even in the weird world of slashdot. And I confirm it can be hard to know who one's friends really are. So here is a "Thanks!" to all my friends- whether on my list or not.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Hook, line, and sinker! 9

I just wish it was a big one.



An airplane crash in the same breath as the day the music stopped.


User Journal

Journal Journal: Red4man 19

I confirm I am learning things about /. I never bothered to notice.

I confirm that red4man presently has no friends, no foes, a handful of fans, and one freak.

The freak: railgunner

The fans:

Captain Splendid (673276)
iminplaya (723125)
Jimmy_Slimmy (1499943)
pudge_confirmer (1504761)
StalinsNotDead (764374)

I confirm that red4man has an orgasm when someone foes him.

So, I plan to foe him from time to time to jerk him off, and then remove him from my list to emphasize that he is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.


et cetera, et cetera....

User Journal

Journal Journal: pudge LIVES ! Check out Christopher G. Nandor out there! 2

Things have gotten rather quiet around here regarding pudge. Few journals, almost no comments.

And that misled me to think he might be cogitating on some issue. Maybe taking a look at his life, deciding based on his past, where he wants to go in his future.

I knew he often cross-posts lots of places. pudge-net, use perl, sound politics, churches, whatever...

I knew he gave use-perl a stern talking to, about how the quality was lower than on /., so those folks would hardly be blessed by his presence any more.

But I did not realize, he seems to have similarly written off slash-dork. Now, he seems to put his energy into "sound politics".

See, for example, the comments in


Isn't it refreshing to know some things never change! Hey, I got dibs on "pudge_confirmer" over there, don't any dumbass go and grab my nick and harrass any other dumbasses over there. THAT would NOT be right. Plus, get your own gig.



User Journal

Journal Journal: They must be new here. 1

New? New? I can not confirm that schtick.

I confirm that at /., I find life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And I confirm what my friend said at http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1274035&cid=28392251 .

And I confirm that we confirm that you confirm that we are all together. And confirming is my schtick, and when a dumbass tries to do it, it just looks lame-o. Because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and for that I thank you, dumbass.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, sherlock.

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