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Comment Re:Autism (Score 1) 1007

No, you're one of the lucky ones. Vaccination actually CAUSES bear maulings. I have a list of everyone who has been mauled by a bear in the last 20 years. ALL OF THEM HAD BEEN VACCINATED. What more do you need, people?

*Of course I jest. But would love to actually have this list and the corresponding vaccination data.

Comment My father died a few years ago - Morningstar (Score 4, Informative) 402

My mom wanted to get into their Morningstar account and didn't have the password. I called and explained the situation -- basically that her husband was deceased and she needed the password, and I said I'd call on her behalf. What steps do I need to take to get it? The rest of the conversation:

Operator: "What's the username he has the account under?"
Me: "Uh, billsmith2222 is the username."
Operator: "OK, let's see... looks like the password is Sarajane. The 'S' is uppercase."
Me: -- Stunned silence --- "Thanks?"

I was glad it went so quick, as I had expected to have to send a death cert and jump through god knows what other hoops, but it freaked me out how casually they gave it to me. I mean, I didn't do anything to verify that I was even any relation to the account. All I had was the username. Obviously someone was new, disgruntled, or just plain stupid, but it worked in my favor for once.


Submission + - Best Evidence Yet of Liquid Water on Mars (

sciencehabit writes: Using the most powerful camera ever to orbit Mars,researchers are reporting the strongest evidence yet for water on Mars that's flowing, not frozen—and the water is flowing today, not a millennium or an eon ago. At a few spots, the meager warmth of martian summer seems able to coax enough liquid water out of the ground to darken the soil in streaks. The marks, which sometimes number in the hundreds, grow downhill hundreds of meters only to fade with the winter cold. And where there is liquid water, as they say, there could be life.

Comment Re:Breee! (Score 1) 840

Are you drinking more when consuming draft? I had friends in college who would comment on how keg beer made them more drunk than can/bottles. But it didn't take much observation to figure out that 1. you drink faster out of a glass than you do out of a can/bottle. 2. with a keg, you're less likely to pay attention to the amount you consume, and thus wind up drinking a good deal more than normal. Those two points = more drinking = more drunkenness = more hangover

YMMV. The points above are probably already obvious to you. And you're likely a good deal more responsible than we were back then...

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