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Comment Re: Proof her perf evaluations weren't fair (Score 3, Informative) 566

I've never seen that quote before. But as someone who is a small cog in the industry, what she said about the FDA is absolutely true.

Rising drug costs? The FDA is complicit. Drugs approved without being properly vetted? The FDA is complicit.

Vaccines are great and everything, but do we really need to require thousands of dollars in vaccines for things like chicken pox before a child can go to public school? It's great that insurance hides this cost for most, but I have seen the other side where people have fallen through the cracks in Medicaid and Obamacare. These poor, both in terms of wealth and luck, people needing to get their five year olds caught up before school needing $1200 for the first round.

It was $1200 because government required it, not because of free market. Just like Epipen. Just like so many common generic drugs the FDA pulls from the market as being "unsafe" and then a single patented brand medication takes their place at 100x to 1000x the cost.

Then there is manufacturer collusion where a common drug all of a sudden has "manufacturing" issues and it's not available from any manufacturer. Then in a month or two it's available again, but only from a single source, and yes it's still generic, but at 4x the cost.

This is mostly hidden from "consumers" because insurance. You are still paying your $4 copay. But the costs on the back end are high. Meaning less money for labor, so long lines and wait times at the pharmacy. Higher costs for the insurers mean higher premiums. So all that anger gets thrown at the pharmacy and the insurers. The guys at the top are laughing all the way to the bank.

Comment Re:A sit in (Score 4, Insightful) 350

Using the no-fly list to keep bad guys from guns is a terrible idea, here is why:

It's just a bad idea that can and will be abused to keep law abiding citizens from possessing guns, which the federal government has no legal power to do.

If you actually want to solve the mass shooting problem, and not just use fear to remove freedoms from individuals with thunderous applause, this is what I propose:

Let guns be in schools. As part of P.E. or even on its own, students will be in a firearm safety course. They will be target practicing. They will be tearing their guns down. They will be cleaning their firearms. They will be using hand guns, and rifles, and shotguns, etc. They will be taught that they are tools just like the circular saw or the welder in shop class, or knives and scissors in art class and home economics. They will take this class every year they are old enough to hold a weapon safely.

Just like at 16, when they are given a license to operate a tool that "kills" on average 3,287 people per day, at 18 they will take a test and if passed they will get a concealed carry license issued by their state of residence. The CCL will be valid in every state and territory of this nation. All of our children will be taught to not fear guns, and if they so chose they will be armed. That way the next time someone decides to bring a semi auto rifle to a night club to kill innocent people, that person would potentially be staring down a hundred barrels of trained good guys.

There will be no fear for the government to use to tighten gun control. People will not fear guns and will know how to use them. There will not be a gun control problem. Who knows, if everyone is armed, perhaps people may be more respectful to each other.

Comment Re: Secret government proceedings? (Score 3, Informative) 350


The bill of rights is a limitation on the powers of Congress.

"The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any matter dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The second Amendment means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress, and has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the National Government." - 92 U.S. 542 (1875)

Comment Re: WTF with the spurious Obamacare reference? (Score 1) 607

Coverage is greater than before Obamacare.

When trying to control the costs of healthcare, this metric means the reverse of what you think it means. Insurance increases the costs of healthcare, it does not reduce it.

And yes, the trend of increasing costs that existed before Obamacare has continued.

Yes, because the crashing economy put more people on Medicaid, increasing healthcare costs. In many localities, the local healthcare system is the only sector of the local economy that has shown any growth for years.

Comment Re:The Worst Hollow Copyright Claim: (Score 2) 70

The point of copyright is to have a long enough period to encourage people to make their own works.

I'm going to nit pick this, but don't take it personally because I think you get it, but the overwhelming majority don't. Whenever people say/write this I think they believe its the exclusivity itself that is the motivator for artists to create works. I totally reject this idea. Read this sampling of how musicians feel about online "piracy."

My take away from it are that the artists either don't care or are encouraged by it. To them, their art is an experience. It's either the experience of going to a show to witness a live performance, or like Jack Black's comment, holding the vinyl and seeing the album art in its bigger than life glory and reading all the extras in the album notes. No amount of copying is going to stop people from going to live shows, and no amount of copying can hurt real album sales. The recording industry got cheap and lazy and shot themselves on the foot when they reduced themselves to being the packagers of only 1s and 0s.

Its the old guys that are attempting to live off the residuals and the royalties of stuff they did 20, 30, 40 years ago that dislike it so much. I took Prince's comment as "Shit, if I can't make my % on sales, I am going to have to get off my ass and work again."

And now, to my point, I argue that it's "for limited Times" which serves as the motivator for artists to create. That copyright expires is the most important part in the copyright clause. If I write a book or two, win success roulette, and maybe get a movie deal which nets me enough money for me to be more than comfortable for the rest of my life, my children's lives, and most of my children's children's lives, why would me or my children work? Pure greed, more money? Greed doesn't make for good art.

I'm getting off the path now, but its the same story with healthcare in America. The people were tricked by the leeches to believe that the cause of excessively high healthcare costs (insurance) is the solution . The problem with copyright / being able to create new works is that copyright lasts too long.

Comment Re: wrong (Score 1) 385

Nullification is a term that means that states could reject or nullify a law passed by Congress if they do not like the law. Think about it for a minute.

Isn't that how we avoided national id's? Being from Washington state, I can tell you that's how we and Colorado have recreational marijuana sales. The federal government is rarely benign nor correct. Sure you can point to things like civil rights being dictated to the states from the federal government, but they have always had to be fought for and usually paid for in blood in spite of the federal government.

Comment Re:cost? (Score 5, Insightful) 165

I personally think Elon Musk is overhyped. I argue that the SpaceX cofounder, Tom Mueller, was more important that Elon Musk. If Mueller had the money, he could have founded SpaceX.

Overhyped or not, at least the man is using his money to move humanity forward towards the future we as children believed we would have been a part of by adulthood. The United States government would rather waste it on fighting undeclared wars around the globe than invest in good science. The other 1% would rather "fight" malaria, buy up entertainment companies, or let it sit in offshore accounts or floating around in the stock market where in reality its not doing anything productive.

If more of the 1% were like Musk, society would be much better off.

Comment Re:A change in diet - from what? (Score 1) 588

Watch this guy's talk. It was a real eye opener for me. We've been taught since the 80's that fat and cholesterol is bad. But the overwhelming failure of this idea has done more harm over the last 30 years and instead of blaming the failure of the theory, we've been blaming ourselves. He brings up CDC charts on how obesity as grown in the US over the last 30 years after the fat=bad theory was accepted as fact, and its just damning.

I saw a link to this from a slashdotter on another story and after I watched it, I was sold. I got up off my butt, threw away all the cereals and breads in the house and went full bore. I started at 6'-0" 220lbs and lost the extra 20 the first month. I've plateaued since then, but despite my weight staying the same, I am still getting noticeably leaner in my legs, arms, and face. I believe this coincides with this study where participants on the LCHF diet gained more lean muscle mass despite no increase in exercise.

My wife hasn't been so lucky. She couldn't last a day being carb restricted. She is definitely addicted to carbs. She has to have pop/soda. Low carb dishes that I make that I find tasty and flavorful (after all they are full of fat) she doesn't eat much of because she says they lack flavor. She always has to supplement her lack of eating the meal proper with a sugary treat. Its very sad for me to watch because she was able to stop smoking cold turkey.

Comment Re:Seattle PD turned theirs back on (Score 1) 59

...but is turned back on by the feds at will.

Quite interesting. Especially since San Jose's was purchased with a federal grant. Quick google search brings up an article that Dept of Homeland Security payed for Seattle's, too, and is handing out free money for other police departments to make similar purchases.

Comment Don't need an old PC (Score 1) 176

I have all those games (except tribes... don't have linux tribes) plus a few extra like Railroad Tycoon 2 and Neverwinter Nights running native and great on my Athlon 64 X2 6000+ on Debian Jessie 64-bit. There are a few howtos to get the old libraries you need. Then to run them for best compatibility, have them run on 1 cpu with the frequency locked to something like 1ghz. Runs great, runs native. The only downside from the windows versions is you don't get EAX effects.

If you want to run the old software on old hardware, work on building a "dos box" with parts from the appropriate era. I currently have an older P2 machine with an AWE64 and a voodoo3 I am enjoying dos games on. Its been fun buying games of GOG and throwing them on there. Been thinking about putting an old Linux distribution on it. I have a Corel Linux disc I was thinking about running. I also had OPENSTEP on there for a day or two before I had the sound card.

Comment Re:Don't see why not. (Score 1) 290

I've worked with a few Chinese. When we've gotten comfortable with each other enough to be non-pc they've said

When westerners discover a new animal, they look at it in amazement and want to make it their pet. When Chinese discover a new animal, we try to think of the best way to cook it.

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