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Journal Journal: Attribution? copyright? is anyone there? 6

Credit where credit is due:

                n, "The parts of a computer system that can be kicked." --Henri Karrenbeld


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Journal Journal: F***king Chris Nandor 13

Hey, can anyone confirm if one example of karma whoring is posting about one's own anniversary?  Or is that just typical geek navel gazing?

Oh well, back to my navel engagement.



;-)  Hello to all the pimples...
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Journal Journal: In moderation on moderating. 10

I had no idea that moderating can be so fun.  Wow!  Someday I will grow up, but for now the possibilities are endless.  First, read:

and then let your inner Trickster tell you how to right the wrongs of others and other nefarious hilarious deeds.
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Journal Journal: You see, RailGunner, it is about fairness... 7

You are welcome to foe me.

But then, you will not find me addressing your posts to me, in other threads.

Your recent effort was pretty lame.  But I refrained from substantively replying, because if you don't want me to post in your journal about what you want to say, then it would be unfair to give you real posts about what you say to me elsewhere.

It is about fairness.

You be fair to me, and I will be fair to you.

When I am fair to you, you should be fair to me.

Maybe you want to read up a little on game theory.  I like tit for tat.  Of course, I also like tat, and tit.


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Journal Journal: Someday he will learn... 3 Old News: February 26, 2009. Alaska’s big problem is fiscal policy. Over a quarter of the state’s workforce is employed by state or local government, and that figure does not include federal employees. Alaska has the third highest debt ratio in the country and the second highest state and local government spending ratio. However, Alaska does extremely well on personal freedom, scoring 1st on our ranking. Reasons for its score include: fully legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana (accomplished through a court ruling), the best (least restrictive) gun laws in the country, recognition of same-sex domestic partnerships, and possibly the best homeschooling laws in the country. On economic regulation, Alaska could do better by reverting to the federal minimum wage, adopting right-to-work, and going much further with eminent domain reform. Alaska has done relatively well on health insurance regulation and occupational licensing. Here: Justifiy your own favorite state:
United States

Journal Journal: God Bless America

It is good to see a real American speak with experience about the stupidity of torture.

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Journal Journal: Happy Earth Day! 11

Ah, Mother Earth. A good planet.

Today I plan to exercise my rights to not pollute the land, air, and water around the small plot of land that the bank and I own.

And if big, bad black helicopters come flying in, raking gunfire over my monument to the 10 Commandments and my shrine to the Constitution and my altar to the Bill of Rights, I plan to use my freedom of speech to say:

"Hey! Wait a minute! I'm calling 911 ! "

Happy Earth Day, every one. Be a good neighbor to all your friends, because there is that of God in everyone.

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Journal Journal:

I got one of those messages that my friend pudge had journaled. But it seems to be gone? Who could have censored it? Who would deny pudge his outlet?

How could such a thing happen? Who would let journals go away? Doesn't slashdot mean anything anymore?

Oh, the humanity.

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Journal Journal: Woot! 6

Yeah! Posting in the journals of others is so kewl. Today I was the furst to rub RGs nose in his ignurance of the "developing" story on the lifeboat (or should I say death boat).

So the wimp foe'd me on my first post!

And called me ignorant. Say, RG, where did that helicopter crash?

He can dish it out, but he sure can't take it... him and pudge both.

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