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Comment Re:She should watch this Ted Talk (Score 2) 524

My previous place had an unofficial no-meetings-on-friday policy, which meant most people worked - productively - from home on Fridays. Tons of flexibility, and it meant we, as a team, kept ahead of the game because everyone used friday to knock out not only the collection of "oh, if only I had time" pieces that collect over the week, but also those "I need 3 hours, uninterrupted, to really dig into this" big-think pieces. No one overly abused it, and the not-infrequent fade out ~4p still meant the week's overall work was more productive than if everyone worked that last, useless hour on Friday.

That being said, we were a globally distributed group, and had already adapted well to well-calendared and well-prepared-for remote interactions over chat, conference calls and video calls.

Yes, you lose out on the hallway-chats, so it becomes important to have some central hub of people, and to make sure that no one sub-team was completely disconnected from the pulse of the office, but it can be done, and done well.

Comment Re:Subtlety. (Score 1) 146

You laugh, but in Peace Corps I actually had a fridge whose thermostat controls were dead, so it operated at either full-blast (freezing everthing) or unplugged. I abused an x10 plug and a timing script run off a computer to cycle it on and off over the course of the day to regulate it. Never died!

I think the most nefarious thing would be to turn off automatic coffee-makers ~ 15 seconds after they'd started, so the grounds are soaked and warm (i.e. ruined*), and there's no coffee.

* For anyone who considers having a automated coffee pot with grounds in it overnight not /already/ a ruined coffee experience, that is.

Comment Great collection of F/LOSS security/privacy tools (Score 4, Informative) 134

The Guardian Project develops and maintains a list of great security and privacy tools (Tor for android, secure chat, encrypted VOIP, PGP support for email... ). They're generally cross-posted on f-droid, and you can find play, f-droid and source links here: https://guardianproject.info/apps/

Comment Re:This doesn't make sense to me (Score 1) 151

Perhaps this is what you're looking for? http://informationwithoutborders.org/ is a reference implementation of a distributed, often-offline filesystem that is kinda a store-and-foward, very slow bittorrent setup. There's also FidoNet (http://www.fidonet.org/genlinfo.html) and FidoIP (http://sourceforge.net/projects/fidoip/) which are a bit more node-to-node file transfer/storage oriented.

Comment Re:This doesn't make sense to me (Score 3, Informative) 151

Ahem. I believe Kingston demo'd one at CES this year, and you can buy a 512G flash drive today. Cheap? No, but I'll put money on being able to purchase a 1TB thumbdrive-style flash drive in 18 months, max.

I spent the last few days re-doing my home backup system. With an equal number of OSX and Linux devices, and no windows devices, the best option for a drive that could go back and forth with minimal custom/flaky driver installs -- but still handle files over 4gb was, of all things, NTFS. I was ... well, frankly, more pissed off about that fact than a normal person should be about disk formats.

Finally (and what I dug into this thread to say) is that Station Wagons have craptastic lag.

Comment Re:don't (Score 4, Insightful) 239

We have a similar setup blocks from the Capitol Building in DC - not rural or poor, but you can get slow-as-molasses DSL, or comcast cable+Internet that goes out weekly to the extent you need to call their /wonderful/ support services and have technicians dick around and do nothing.

Not that I'm bitter. A local family has cobbled together enough "business-class" connections and shares it over point-to-point wireless: http://www.dcaccess.net/ They're very friendly, and might be willing to help you out on some of the aspects (though your state's regulations are probably much, much different than the District's).

I presume you're mainly doing this for the geek cred of having crazy access to bandwidth. I'd advise you, this being the case, to be willing and financially able to be your only paying customer unless you're going to make this a real full or part time job.

Comment Re:"we have guns" . . .ed t (Score 1) 468

Or, perhaps, the bar to work-from-home is so high, that once your employees cross it, they feel entitled to chill out? Mayhaps you should instead just /give/ them a day off?

I get my best, most-strategic work done when I'm not in the office and responding to the fire of the minute, and I earn 1:1 overtime, so if I need to chill out on a random friday, the door is open.

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