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Comment So let me get this straight (Score 1) 161

From now on, the only music we in the UK are allowed to show our friends is the music NOT controlled by these people?

So the only way you can legally hear music that these people want you to pay for is either on the radio or by borrowing the CD from someone?

Can we still legally borrow CDs?

Irrespective of that, it's been years since I paid for music, for the simple reason that if they don't want me to hear it before I buy it, then I'm going to hear it and not buy it, because I hate them now.

So they want us, who now hate them, to give them money for music we've never heard? Would they expect us to buy a painting we've never seen? Cillit Bang without Barry Scott's personal assurance?

It certainly is great news for those music artists in the UK who actually have talent, that's for sure. The plastic music industry is stifling its main* source of income.

* maybe

Comment Re:not RAM but CPU usage (Score 1) 493

I don't find Firefox slow myself until I a) try to watch a Flash video (which is slightly easier than trying to watch BBC programs on the BBC) or b) change tabs, whereupon it takes ages to load the new tab. Accidentally using the scroll wheel while moused over the tab bar is an absolute nightmare and I might as well go make a cup of tea until it's finished whenever I do that.

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