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Comment Re: Thanks to the cloud (Score 1) 249

Visual Basic is still very much alive but proves your point very well. Migrating to similar but incompatible software is hard and expensive and using Microcrapware as an argument won't get you very far when trying to switch.

If it was easy then loads of organisations would be switching. It's not inertia. It's actually difficult, time-consuming and expensive and the business benefits are hard to quantify when you end up with the same or less functionality than you had before.

Comment Re: Thanks to the cloud (Score 2) 249

So have the finance department. They won't still be on Excel 95. The difference is they'll be moving complex data structures to software that isn't completely compatible and required to do a lot of work for no appreciable advantage. The same could be said for a document production department that uses a lot of Word templates. If Libre Office was a drop-in replacement as is the common mistaken belief here, Microsoft Office would be dying already.

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