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Comment Re:Savvy business dealings (Score 1) 398

No surprise. This is done all the time in business no matter what country you are in. You can have partnerships or you can acquire technology. after that you can do what you want with it. This is kind of like the open source model, no? you get the source when you buy the product. After that you decide what you want to do with it.

I certainly think so. Perhaps albeit, with a sour aftertaste for some.

The great thing for human kind though, is since China knows it doesn't own the intellectual concepts they cobbled together and put into function, all the developments improvements they have made by doing so is now Free (as in speech) for all the world to copy.

For all they're tyrannical control of censorship, I believe history will absolve them to a degree, as they do the world a favor.

Comment Re:The answer is more regulation (Score 1) 738

If you have two feet. Use 'em. Stand up & say what you mean to say. Don't pander to anyone, for our sake, no matter many of "them" you think there is.

Personally, I have no reason to measure the States' general moral stance. But for my part, if I could somehow put this idea forward to my elders...;

My country is NZ. It subsumes my tax for many useful things, but let's be realistic. NZ defence = civil capacity *at best*. (i.e. earthquake relief and occasional armed offenders squad backup duty sort of thing). We are apparently forced, on the international sphere, by way of perceived mutual benefit to the World @ Large, to provide a pittance of foot soldiers and our elite "special" forces as our pledge to the stability of nations. I could generously call it a drop in the bucket, a piecemeal affair.

But simply translated, it's a fucking waste of time.

Apparently we count for something though. Apparently. But it doesn't really make any sense at all. So we just have to drink a cup of shut the, or we're with you or against you?

What if there were a more appropriate option? Dare I suggest, smarter way of approaching this delicate situation?

  Only provide medical aid. Medical. *ONLY*

  To all these seemingly half baked and misunderstood trend-worthy conflicts (of interest?), that we as The West (tm) have got our proverbial red hands all bloodied over.

NZ could do it, as I suppose could any country. Even with our limited, but well educated pool of human resources. A negligible population, but we have the technology.

We also have mana. A unified stance.

Since we declared ourselves Nuclear Free in the 80's. IN YOUR FACE REST OF THE WORLD. ...but the mana is eroding...and we make ourselves targets with the rest of the aggressors, in the vain hope of not becoming....what, a lonely target?


Offer them the best damn medics I say...and leave the bar brawl to the drunks...

Comment Re:Illegal (Score 1) 245

I believe you are not correct all of the time. In certain circumstances it is commendable for the populace to stand up for itself in lieu of assumed protection, toward currently post-useful statutes.

Indeed, it is my duty.

Comment Re:I have an idea to stop the need for anti-biotic (Score 1) 551


But this is a great example of where we can use the Int.Design meme to admonish all those naughty Christian farmers that are not only directly opposing and insulting God by not feeding the animals what they were DESIGNED to eat, but clearly worshipping the false idol of Money in His place.

How dare they?

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