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Comment Re:SF: only one impossibility per story (Score 1) 495

Hard Science Fiction is a pretentious myth; it always rests on one thing: the assumption of its day.
Not only do all the authors you mention have stories where part of the future leaves the realm of known science to an extent that is sometimes as bad as Trek's, but where they stuck to what was known in that day, they end up looking incredibly outdated, with Asimov's multiple tons micros and Clarke's typewriting space-goers.

Comment Re:Mod parent -1 uninformed (Score 1) 344

Given that's what map packs cost (including the MW1 maps), they are already borderline doing it. Modern Warfare 2, as a complete game, already costs a lot when you add up these costs, probably more than a lot of games by slightly smaller studios who can do FPS just as good with a similarly fleshed out world *cough* Bethesda, Valve *cough*... And for that you get no dedicated server, no mods, no cheat control and the privilege to pay for a subscription service! Quite a steal ;)

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 1) 138

Yeah, that's mostly true, but the junker class including a lot of industrialists did put a lot of weight behind them in Germany, thinking the nazis could be easily manipulated... The only thing that saved Schacht from the rope was his being such a complete moron (and if anything proved that it was his attempts at intriguing to get the nazis in power so he could keep them on a short leash for the junker cause... yeah).

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