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Comment Re: The longer you wait... (Score 1) 176

It seems strange that all these issues with keyboards you have never happen with the millions of gamers *already* using mouse and keyboard. Most of us already memorized our keyboards, our movement keys, which are also configurable in almost every game (mine ARE on the home row.)

I'm not saying another input device might not be better, but keyboards and mice are already better than gamepads for first-person shooters. I personally favor a giant trackball you can walk on, along with perhaps a real rifle-shaped controller for the typical FPS scenario.

Comment Faked? (Score 1) 457

How do we know they didn't just make up the "success" just like they made up the fact they needed the "evidence" in the first place? All the information there was probably available as "metadata" anyway, right?

Since they couldn't force Apple's hand and set legal precedent to abuse, they had to save face and re-establish that "Our secret science labs can do anything!"

Comment Re:Lawyers are Going to Love This! (Score 1) 223

Except it's not a billboard, or if it is, it belongs to Eich right? Whatever he puts on it is his business. If you don't like looking at "his billboard" don't use his browser. I'm a researcher and programmer, like many others on here. How many of you want to know that you're legally restricted from "some kinds of code that might hurt some random advertiser's bottom line?" Especially since what kind that is would be totally up to debate, but as you know... Debates in courtrooms are not the place anyone wants to be.

Remember, laws ALWAYS limit freedom. Not just the freedoms you gave up, but others you're not yet aware of.

Comment Re:It makes no sense. (Score 1) 65

Seems to me Mars would have plentiful "cold" to refreeze anything which did melt... And inside, just like in an igloo, the air temperature can be quite warm while the ice itself is 32 degrees.

I'm wondering why they didn't just consider stone and dirt, which are also plentiful and probably just as good at blocking radiation, but I am sure someone thought of that. Surely?

Comment Re:Annoy is more likely. (Score 1) 100

The text makes about as much sense as the typical over dramatic Facebook post everyone sees constantly. It would be funny to train the NN with posts of that sort, and generate entire Facebook "personalities" that blend in with any other angst-ridden grammatically-challenged Facebook poster. Maybe it would even confuse the data scrapers and spies out there, who knows?

It ought to be funny in any case.

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