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Comment Re:The myth of Socialism's Success (Score 1) 308

> They sure need them, because their Collectivism is killing them and their performance is pathetic.

By what measure? It looks to me like they're doing pretty well. For example, here's a list of countries ordered by average wages. Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium are all in the top ten.

Or how about per-capita GDP? Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark are all in the top 20. Norway (#6) is well ahead of the U.S. (#11).

Or what about life expectancy, that being something people really care about a lot? The U.S. is way down at #31. Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, and Finland are all higher.

I think you need to justify your claim.

Comment Don't store data unencrypted! (Score 1, Interesting) 283

You have to assume your servers will get hacked. It doesn't matter what software you're running. Someone will find a way in. Any competent developer starts with that assumption and designs around it. That's why you never ever EVER store sensitive data unencrypted! They're looking for someone to blame for their incompetence.

Comment Re:Three possibilities (Score 1) 267

Wealth doesn't mean money. Wealth means things of inherent value. Money is just a bookkeeping tool for keeping track of wealth. If you create a valuable good, you've created wealth. If you increase the money supply, you just cause inflation so the (arbitrary) monetary value we attach to that good changes, but you don't create wealth.

Comment Re:Doesn't look like that uncommon an event: (Score 1) 154

Seems like there's an important lesson here. When you start dropping bombs, you're not just killing the people you drop them on. You have to assume you'll also kill some random people who happen to live there a few decades from now. So think really carefully before dropping bombs.

Comment Slow down, take a breath (Score 1) 172

There's so many reasons you might have trouble accessing a website. It's not always censorship. One person says he can't access slashdot, and with nothing but that, we've got a discussion thread full of people denouncing India. Seriously?

Lots of other folks in India say it works fine for them. So it's not censorship, just one person having network problems. It happens. It's not a big deal.

Don't jump to conclusions. Take your time, get the facts. And seriously how did the slashdot editors let this through? They're totally not doing their job when they post rumors and wild speculation as if it were news.

Comment What could go wrong? (Score 1) 175

You: "Hi, I'd like to make a dinner reservation for Friday at 6:30."

Restaurant employee: "Sure, let me pull up the calendar." (The computer identifies you by caller ID and notes you don't drink alcohol, so it's a bad idea to let you take up a table at their busiest time.) "I'm sorry, we don't have any free seats then. We do have openings at 5:30, or after 7."

No possibilities for abuse here, none at all.

Comment Really stressful (Score 2) 226

I've occasionally been in positions where I didn't have enough work to keep me busy, and I hate it. It's more stressful than being overworked in some ways.

For example, I once started a new job, and almost immediately my supervisor went on vacation for a month. Before he left we went over the project I was going to be working on, and he figured I had everything I needed to get a good start on it while he was away. Well, I finished the whole project in two weeks. So I spent the next two weeks wandering the office and asking everyone, "Can I do anything to help you out? Can you give me something useful to do? Please?" Mostly they didn't, so I sat at the computer and played games. You probably think that sounds fun, but believe me, it wasn't.

Comment Re:Not sure about the whole essay, but... (Score 1) 1122

This reminds me of the XKCD strip about free speech. Free speech means you have the right to say what you want. It doesn't mean anyone has to listen to you. It doesn't mean they can't think you're an asshole for saying it. It doesn't mean there won't be consequences.

This person exercised his right to say what he wanted, and I fully support him having that right. And lots of other people are exercising their right to think he's an asshole for saying it, and I fully support them having that right. No one's censoring him or trying to silence him. They're just expressing their own opinions, as they have the right to do.

Comment Re:It makes sense (Score 1) 904

This is purely a political decision, nothing to do with any legitimate concerns. If this were being pushed by the military, if they were raising issues about trans people serving, I would listen carefully to what they said and give their views appropriate weight. But that's not what's happening. They already studied the subject and concluded there were no serious problems with trans people serving. In fact, they were totally caught off guard by this announcement. When asked to comment on it, they just told reporters to go ask the white house. No surprise: the military doesn't make policy announcements on twitter. This is just Trump pandering to the religious right and trying to distract people from the health care debate and Russia investigation.

Comment Try respecting your customers (Score 1) 196

"We think movies are best seen in theaters, but unfortunately some viewers disagree. That's why we need an exclusive period to compel them to go to the theater anyway. We can't take the risk that some ignorant customers will choose to watch it the way they prefer instead of the way we want them to."

Comment Re:He seems to have let off a number.... (Score 1) 507

Solar is now one of the cheapest forms of energy available, and the price is still falling. So sure, any energy source is going to cost a lot to power the whole country. But compared to mining coal (which was considered "cheap energy" until a few years ago), putting up all those solar panels is a bargain. That's one of the reasons coal is dying. (Other reasons include wind and natural gas, which have also come way down in price and are now cheaper than coal.)

Not sure what you mean about the distribution system? Solar energy goes over the same electric grid as everything else.

Comment Re:Bullshit slashvertisement (Score 2) 505

Hire competent C developers and you should be good to go.

Anyone who is a competent C programmer understands the limitations of the language, knows there's a lot of truth in his criticisms, and uses C only when there are no other reasonable options. They understand that because they're competent C programmers.

You can write correct code in any language, or incorrect code in any language, but the choice of language makes a really big difference in how many errors your code has. C is a minefield of potential errors that don't exist in many other languages, and then it only gives you really primitive tools for avoiding those errors. You're responsible for manually doing all memory allocation, and then manually freeing that memory when it's done, and you don't even have access to destructors or try/finally constructs to do that more safely. All memory access is through pointers, which can then be used to access any memory location in the program's address space. That's insane. We've learned a lot about language design in the 40 years since C was created, and we know there are much better ways of doing these things.

At least use C++ instead of C. It's a superset of C, so it can do anything C can do. But it also provides tools for avoiding those problems. Use STL containers instead of arrays. Use references instead of pointers whenever possible. Use destructors to do your memory management via RAII. You will make fewer mistakes, and your code will contain fewer errors as a result.

Comment Just trying to make money (Score 1) 205

I mean the guy posting this, not Amazon. He shorts a stock, then writes an article telling everyone they ought to sell that stock. He hopes some people will listen to him, in which case the price goes down, he immediately covers his short, and makes money. Nothing to do with Amazon really. It's a standard trick you can do with any stock. But only if you can get enough people to listen to you so it affects the stock price.

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