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Comment Re:Need this for friends (Score 2) 226

Do you know who else would have won anyway? Richard Nixon. So should we have given him a pass on Watergate?

... I mean, we did? He did win the election, and Ford did pardon him...

Cheating doesn't become "OK" just because in the end it turned out she would have won anyway.

The claim floating around isn't just that she cheated, but that the cheating tipped the primary. The first part is feasible, the second part is not. I wasn't excusing any cheating, only pointing out that the wild-eyed claims that Bernie would have won the primary and then dominated the election are utter nonsense designed to divide and conquer.

Comment Re:What about the others. (Score 2) 226

RE China, they also have little need to disrupt the rest of the world in order to continue gaining power. Economically, militarily, and geo-politically, they've been gaining ground since before the right wing of the US started fighting with the rest of the US. Russia is the world power whose only chance for gaining power is the rest of us voluntarily losing it through insanity. They have a declining population, an aging military, and an economy that is almost entirely oil.

Comment Re: Need this for friends (Score 1, Troll) 226

I'm aware you're half trolling but there are enough delusional slashdotters here who have trouble distinguishing reality from fiction coming from the government ruling party.

They lost because they ran a candidate who was widely disliked.

Trump was more disliked.

They lost because they didn't have a positive and encouraging vision like the one that President Trump presented to the nation.

Hillary presented her vision in sane, reasoned tones and was utterly ignored by the media as it wasn't zany enough. Trump rallies were marked by threatening journalists and yelling at enemies.

They lost because they tried to use identity politics to divide the electorate, instead of uniting all Americans like President Trump did.

Trump pandered exclusively to whites.

They lost because of themselves and their own actions

HRC got 3 million more votes than Trump. Factually, she lost because we don't live in a democracy.

Comment Re:Today's translations: (Score 1) 275

There is no sanity in the FDA laws.

Again, it's a reflection of how complex medicine is. Look at anti-vax movements, the public is way too dumb and uninformed to be treated as rational consumers, able to determine which treatments for illnesses are the best one.

This is not elitism BTW. I include myself in the group of "incompetent to treat self" group, I'm a biologist and know a thing or two about pharmaceuticals and health, but I wouldn't fuck around with picking out my own prescription drugs independent of an MD's recommendation.

It makes perfect sense that companies shouldn't be able to say "this is for treating X illness" without FDA approval. Sure, this means that prices are going to be higher for drugs, but we also spend less on hospitalizing people for incorrectly treated diseases they too over the counter remedies for.

Comment Re:Yeah that would be awful (Score 1) 177

Anyway, people have shown time and again that they are willing to trade privacy, subjection to advertising for a free product or service. Seems pretty realistic to me.

But they're very resistant to inconvenience in transportation, which this would be. "I don't want to take the fucking bus! It'll take like 15 minutes longer!!! I'd rather belch out my carbon dioxide, spend 20 minutes finding parking, and potentially get in a fatal accident than put up with public transit!"

I would be surprised if UberFree doesn't end in literal bloodshed.

Comment Re:Seems they import a lot of electricity (1/3). (Score 1) 247

I mean, it's NO different than you saying 'My water bill is down to half!! Look how good I am at water conservation!!!

That's not at all what it's like. Renewable energy sourced from the neighboring state doesn't run up the carbon in the atmosphere.

a LOT of that is coming from OTHER states is horse shit. So those states are at negative what?

Well, one, that's not how economics work. CA buying renewable energy and making it known well in advance that they're going to be increasing renewable energy doesn't mean all the renewable energy gets used up, it means people start building up renewable energy.

For another they're rapidly increasing their in-state renewable energy

As much as CA wishes it were not part of the US, the only relevant number is how much energy in the US is renewable. Despite what people in CA think, CA cannot survive on it's own.

It seems to boil down to "I DON'T LIKE CALIFORNIA AND WILL FIND A WAY TO MOCK IT!" Did California beat you up and take your lunch money in grade school?

I mean you acknowledge that Cali is part of the country. Then make fun of it for doing interstate commerce which is something that states do. Then point out it can't survive separate from the country (is there any part of the lower 48 that could?). All this from a statement that CA wants to be separate from the US based on... what exactly? I'm sure they dislike the government behavior right now as do most Americans, but I haven't seen any serious proposals to break away. Puerto Rico has a big independence movement and got shafted by the government during the hurricane. If anyone is going to break away, it's going to be PR, and they're not. So seriously, what are you on about?

Comment Re:Today's translations: (Score 3, Insightful) 275

Clueless patients fill the prescription and send it to their insurance.

Lets not blame the patients. You go to a licensed, extensively trained doctor because medicine and pharmaceuticals are too complex to understand unless you get paid to do it full time. Not knowing that this is a brand name of something you can get dirt cheap is not being "clueless" in any meaningful sense of the word.

Translation: FDA approved vitamins that other vitamin manufacturers either cant get approval for or have to spend a fortune to get.

Or maybe there's just no sane manufacturer who sees a point in spending ANY money going through FDA approval when there's absolutely no need FOR the FDA approval on it.

Comment Re:Surprise! Companies are in it for profit! (Score 1) 275

Give the FDA the power to investigate cases of rampant profiteering due to any medical-related patents.

Sure, but worth pointing out there's no patent here in this specific case. They bought the brand name and the exclusive rights to sell it as a prescription, not exclusive rights to sell it whatsoever.

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