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Comment Re:Just install it (Score 1) 71

I don't need to look it up, I've dealt with comcast and centurylink.

Meanwhile the water comes to my house without fail, the electricity at most flickers when there's a powerful storm, the roads outside my house were just repaved last month, and the US postal service brings me enough junk mail to wallpaper all the rooms in my house.

I'll admit that around where I live, we don't have many "TAXES ARE THEFT!" conservatives bent on proving government can't do anything by defunding every successful government program. I could see people elsewhere getting upset their tax moneys might possibly go to people downloading porn and sharia law videos and demanding it stop.

Comment Re:Just install it (Score 1) 71

Hence the "people would need to actually pay attention to local government." State legislators are absurdly inept and corrupt because no one pays any attention to them except for special interests. I mean, I don't see that changing any time soon, so not much point in discussing it, but it's not like it's in the US constitution.

Comment Re:What do they expect? (Score 1) 71

IIRC google realized that their ability to remain on top forever could be threatened by the fact that comcast was a middleman between google and users. Spending money to get rid of that middleman makes sense. With the death of net neutrality looming especially. "We're sorry, google and youtube are not available on your plan, but comcast-nbc-bing search with motionview is!"

I guess though google realized that will take a longer time than they need to be concerned with and they have enough money they can just buy off lobbyists or something.

Comment Re:Conspiracy (Score 2) 103

Probably because you're (I'm assuming) an American for whom titties in a newspaper would be a national crisis.

Right on both, but I personally have no problem with it. It's the only part of those newspapers I agree with.

I mean I'm sure UK folk like a good pair of titties as much as the rest of us, but equating a single weekly topless photo with internet porn is.. a little silly.

I wasn't equating them, I'm just guessing that the Daily Mail's brains would say "Hey, we can increase sales by banning internet porn maybe?"

Comment Re:Bullshit... (Score 1) 121

I switched to centurylink from comcast. The technician said the comcast guys had cut the wires centurylink uses with no other purpose than to make it slightly harder to switch. Mayhaps the comcast technicians cut the wrong line?

Also, just to be clear, you're not renting your modem from comcast, are you? The way you phrased that makes it sound like you are, though being on slashdot, I would think you would know better than that. If you are renting, that's probably your problem. You're paying an outrageous rental fee on shitty equipment AND your internet is probably being used by a neighbor.

Comment Re:just what we need, another messaging app (Score 2) 87

Seriously, must be a case of silicon valley mistaking itself for everyone else."Everyone is totally going to download the latest app because it's the hot new thing!"

I switched to a pay as you go plan for texts, thought "No problem, I'm on wifi all the time, I'll just switch to whatsapp." Realized no one I know actually uses whatsapp. Tried to get the maybe 5 people I regularly communicate with to download and set it up. "It's cheaper and you can use it from your computer."

All it did was make me realize my closest friends and family like not downloading a new app more than they like talking with me :-(

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