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Comment Re:SCOTUS making the right choice to hear (Score 1) 568

And it doesn't matter what you and the peanut gallery thinks. It matters what the law says.

On a discussion board? It doesn't? Well good to know, lets shut it down slashdot. All we need is a simple posting of all the laws and that's all.

FFS, this is not the supreme court right here.

The travel ban does not excluded just Muslims, it excludes all people from certain countries. I find the term "mostly Muslim" countries to be not amusing or convincing.

Trump and company outright called it a Muslim ban. The original draft of the ban excepted Christians but oddly not Muslims. The right wing can't chant "ban Muslims ban Muslims ban Muslims" and then expect the rest of us to pretend they're not trying to ban Muslims.

Comment Re:Travel bans are a needed power (Score 5, Interesting) 568

1. We don't have to surveil them.

You're insane if you think terrorist organizations in one country can only affect us if we allow travel directly. Plus, zero of the 9/11 attackers came from countries that are the subject of the ban.

2. We don't have to even have a debate about indefinite detention or torture.

... what?

3. We have less of a reason to worry about who is talking to who.

I... what?

Japan effectively blocks immigration and most travel from Islamic countries. Maybe you think that's wrong, but at the same time, Japan has never had to have some of the post-9/11 debates we've had that have warped our national morals and values.

Japan is also very comfortable with openly discriminating against foreigners, unlike the US. To their credit, they're fairly universal about it, they don't care if you're from a Muslim country, the US, Europe, Africa, or the next Asian island over, they still don't want you there.

Additionally, last time I checked, Japan has zero military bases in Muslim countries. Which, if you recall, was a major reason the US was attacked on 9/11. Japan evidently sent a token force to Iraq after 9/11 of 600 soldiers to Iraq for two years or so. I'm sure after toppling the US, Europe, Russia, and China, the islamic extremist leaders plan on punishing Japan, but it's obviously not a high priority. Japan doesn't care much about the middle east and the feeling is mutual. That's not something the US could emulate.

Comment Re:Some justice served (Score 1) 175

Don't worry, says right in the summary that the tickets will be reissued. The company that bribed the officials who let them put in the cameras (with steak dinners maybe) will likely be breathing down the necks of the officials until they get them reissued. Then the taxpayers will be on the hook for the costs of upgrading the systems to windows 10. And the red light cam company will use it somehow to justify lowering yellow light times.

Comment Re:I call bullshit on the call of bullshit. (Score 2, Insightful) 323

I don't know about the diets they extol, or any other homeopathic remedies they might have,

It's in the summary, so you should. And it is clearly bullshit on the order of anti-vax conspiracy theories or "foodbabe" bullshit. Because why stick to one type of bullshit if you're already a professional bullshitter?

Just ask anyone who could barely walk into the Chiropractor's office, and walk out pain-free with a smile....I know people who've been really happy after their "adjustments."

Good, but that's anecdotal like you can easily find for qigong or crystals. Actual evidence suggests very slight help for a small number of problems. If the people who were barely walking in had chronic lower back pain and were happy and pain free afterward, it was in their head, and they'd be better off doing core exercises probably.

Comment Re:Social Media Sucks (Score 2) 69

Did you miss the backlash against the fake news? I'm saying news has always been biased, and should never have been taken as unquestionable fact, yet people did. That there were a lot of idiots who took it seriously has remained unchanged. In the cold war, the news preached that communism was evil and needed to be opposed worldwide and the idiots didn't question it. That's not exactly "fake news" but I don't see any clear differences in effects.

Comment Re:Not sure I'm sold on them. (Score 1) 631

You're making a lot of moronic assumptions there, but in that hypothetical situation, yes. Do you want society to evaluate whether or not you've made good choices before they pay your medical bills? Because that would be bad, but "you're poor so fuck you" is worse than even that situation, and it's what we have now.

Comment Re:Not sure I'm sold on them. (Score 1) 631

I found there's plenty of places that serve food just as fast and cheap and are both healthier for you and taste better.

Speed, price, and health are three big concerns with food. McDonalds is what it is because it's been relentless in improving two of those. You're suggesting there are restaurants out there that do better than McDonalds at one of those factors? Of course, that's a given. Two of those factors? There are probably some. All three? Gonna need some proof and an explanation why those restaurants you speak of aren't eating McD's lunch worldwide.

Comment Re:I think society could improve a lot (Score 0) 214

I agree, however it would demolish all three branches of our government at all levels for a while if we opened it up to that too. If we didn't subject the government to it as well, what would be the point? We'd be able to knock down some insignificant celebrities... that's about it...

Comment Re:This is probably a good move. (Score 1) 89

You're ignoring the history of star wars movies.

Given the prequels, "a solid movie with few surprises" would be an improvement. It's star wars, not some arthouse film.

Also, how many surprises are possible? Spolier alerts: we know Lando, Han, the millennium falcon, and chewie are going to live through whatever happens in the movie unless his goth son shows up. At least we're pretty sure. I'd be interested to see a movie where they unexpectedly die before the events of the original trilogy, sure, but not in a good way.

Also, I know I'll probably lose some of my hard-earned cool indie movie cred here on slashdot by saying this but I enjoyed the two recent Disney star wars far better than the other films. Even the original trilogy! They're grandfathered in! They are considered important films because of the historical context there, not because "I got a bad feeling about this" is really quality dialogue.

Finally and more specifically, the previous directors on the film left. The alternative isn't a movie that could turn out to be solid gold under a riskier director, the alternatives are no movie or an absolute train wreck of a movie.

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