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Comment Re:moD up (Score 1, Troll) 678

Nobody gave a flying fuck when Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham openly admitted to being rapists and pedophiles.

Citation needed. Googling Schumer and pedophile didn't come up with anything.

Lena Dunham DID get a lot of heat for writing that she touched her one year old sister when she was seven years old. It was predictably all from the far-right smear machine, the same one that has convinced many Americans that Hillary Clinton murdered soldiers at Benghazi on her way to build atomic bombs for Russia.

it's a witch hunt where all it takes is a social media post to ruin people's entire lives and career without a shred of evidence

You're projecting here. That is literally what you're doing.

Comment Re:Nature ... finds a way. (Score 2) 66

It's a matter of numbers. All your cells have dozens of kill switches built into them. They generally work for the 40 trillion or so cells you're made of for long enough. But that took billions of years of trial and error. And even with that, cellular evolution eventually overwhelms them and kills you with cancer.

The technology in question isn't applied. Hopefully even government regulators will be intelligent enough to realize that a single kill switch is no match for evolution.

Comment Re:Nature ... finds a way. (Score 1) 66

Oops, misformatted first point. You might be thinking of glyphosphate resistant weeds, which have been spreading. Either they evolved resistance (predictable) or modified genes from the crops spread to the weeds (Scary, less likely, I couldn't immediately find whether there had been any documented cases of this). But that's a far cry from a kill switch failing. There was no kill switch built into anything monsanto has sold.

Comment Re:Nature ... finds a way. (Score 3, Informative) 66

Monsanto tried that too with their engineered crops. They were supposed to be unable to reproduce. And yet they did! Because mutations.

I think you're confusing three separate issues and believing they're a reality that fits what you want to believe.

Two: there have been lawsuits that monsanto pollen contaminated fields (you mention this below). It appears more likely the farmer in question intentionally cultivated GMO seeds, using roundup, and at any rate, that's much different from what you're suggesting.

Three: terminator seeds, which Monsanto developed, are unable to reproduce. These seeds were never sold. There's not much need: modern farmers aren't really interested in re-using seeds. First generation hybrids that are sold are superior, second generation seeds are a mix that aren't worth as much.

But hey, maybe you can react like they did, when they sued the farmers on whose fields the Monsanto crops had spread for copyright infringement and put them in prison for 10-20 years. Yes, that actually happened.

You're intentionally peddling lies here. The farmer in question planted the GMO seeds he didn't buy or license. I don't think he should have had to license seeds he obtained from his own land, so that part is shit, but he did knowingly use the seeds without paying the fee. He had to pay a small fine, NOT the lawyers fees, and he didn't fucking get sent to prison.

Comment Re:"Social media" is king BECAUSE... (Score 1) 146

This, in turn is because the EXISTING regulatory regime produced exactly the non-competitive, single-point-of-view, broadcast media oligopoly that this regulation was SUPPOSED to prevent. Since it didn't work, why bother with it?

Seems a bit like saying "If my diet of single cheeseburgers isn't helping me lose weight, why don't I just start eating double quarter pounders?"

But people are getting their "news" from social media (which apparently includes internet-only news reporting operations) BECAUSE the broadcast news operations are ALREADY untrusted.

I worry about the type of people who do still get their news from broadcast TV. Seems to me that it's mainly moderate boomers. Judging from my father in law, once boomers start sitting in front of Fox News propaganda for hours on end, they veer more and more into Trump territory. Local news isn't great, but it's not Fox.

IF Sinclair buys up broadcast news, they'll turn a good chunk of moderate boomers either off news entirely or into GOP tools.

Comment Why? (Score 2, Insightful) 160

Obviously there's no link to reality with this security theater. Terrorism isn't a real threat and there's no science to any of these things.

What I don't understand is why bother? Trump has thrown enough red meat to his xenophobic base already. He tried to ban muslims coming into the country and the courts struck it down.

He doesn't even need to DO anything, his base is still convinced he's "draining the swamp," despite doing what can only be described as the exact opposite.

Why doesn't he just SAY "We've decreased the amount of islamic terrorists coming into the country by 120000% since MUSLIM OBAMA" and then go golfing? Everyone wins.

Comment Re:Sure.... (Score 2) 752

"The best and the brightest" are vastly overrated in science no matter their origin. Without the stars you mentioned, science would have been delayed at most a few years. Most science labs are one head who writes grants and an army of grad students and postdocs doing the actual work.

And, importantly, a great chunk of THOSE workers are foreigners.

My last lab, three of the four postdocs were chinese nationals. The lab before that was me and a Korean national.

If we let in only the best and the brightest, we're still going to be unable to do the grunt work. An army doesn't win a war by just having one Doomguy like soldier, any sports team needs more than just one star. America simply CANNOT maintain it's science superiority (and probably economic or military superiority) without a steady stream of immigrants.

Comment Re:The moral of the story (Score 4, Informative) 707

Leftists get a blue check mark taken away from racists. They can still tweet, just without an emoji.

The right wing in control of all levels of our government make sure scientists can't report that climate change is happening because coal companies don't like it.

Clearly this country is being destroyed by leftist fascists...

Comment Re:Sure.... (Score 3, Insightful) 752

The problem lies in the fact that the pro-illegal crowd intentionally conflates legal and illegal immigration when trying to paint their opponents as xenophobic, which in turn creates this stupid atmosphere of 'OAMG the administration hatez the dreamers!!!111!!one!!'

He's making moves to deport them by ending DACA, he's appointing officials who want to aggressively deport, makes false statements about crime caused by undocumented immigrants, and wants to bankrupt us building a wall between us and mexico.

On top of that, I mean, I've met Trump supporters. I'm a white dude. They don't exactly play their cards close to their chest on this subject.

You're trying to piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.

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