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Comment Re:For learning (Score 1) 616

In the corporate world, the majority of programmers must use hardware provided by the company that follows strict guidelines about what can be used and that includes Windows-only for the most part. The majority of production deployments are on Linux machines, so there you have a heterogeneous environment where write-once, run-anywhere is necessary.

Comment Re:Afraid for Qt (Score 1) 179

These days, I'm pretty sure the JIT will do a much better job of cache optimization than any C programmer on a real world application. Anyway, real time JVMs are not about raw performance, they are about predictability and are used in very specific domains so I don't think it applies to smooth animations in desktop programs, as long as the OS and hardware is taking care of these, I couldn't care less which language will call them. But yeah, I'm saying Java is better than something I've never worked with, but I know it's implemented and used from C++, so I'll continue to stand against it because that's not the language I'd choose/recommend to develop desktop programs.

Comment Re:Afraid for Qt (Score 1) 179

GC is run concurrently, unless your program is using all available memory, there is not lockup, I've only experienced it when the application is on the verge to throw an OutOfMemoryError. If the OS is drawing the UI there is no sense in saying Qt is faster than SWT. I've never worked on Qt but the fact it's implemented in C++ is enough to dismiss it.

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