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Comment Re:'Biased' data (Score 3, Interesting) 69

Using your "good" customers to bring in new customers is a winning game, as long as you continue to provide the same level of service.

I send out and/or drop off cards to my "good" customers at least once or twice a year.

They are simple business cards with my standard business card on the front and on the back a 20% discount, parts and labor, printed on the back.

I take the time to write the customer's name I am sending them to on the card. And the letter I include with the card tells them that if they like my service to please give out the card to folks who might need my services.

And for every card that is turned in, they will get $20 bucks.

I usually spend around 300-400 bucks a year redeeming those 20 bucks a pop cards.

And they usually generate me 80-90 bucks gross profit after the 20 buck payout and 20% off per card.

Comment Re:Next we will all be required to be chipped (Score 0) 619

Seeing his kids die in a fire should have been great for the father.

I am sure he was excited to see them being called home to the Invisible Sky Wizard.

That's the problem with all these religious fanatics, they say Heaven is great and all, but none of them seem to be in a rush to go experience eternal bliss basking in the glory of god.

Makes me doubt their faith.

Comment Re:On the other hand... (Score 2) 349

No real succession plan at my company.

Without me, it is just a collection f vans and equipment.

And no, not even a corporation and well written succession plan could change that.

Without me, the licenses are pretty pieces of paper and worth exactly whatever a paper mill will pay for them.

There are still businesses where the owner is indispensable.

With me there the company is a money making machine. Without me, it is just vans, tools and some supplies, worth very little in real terms.

Comment Re:I think it's kinda silly (Score 1) 1002

I am not a programmer, developer or anything computer related, but I run two monitor all the time and have had as many as 3.

Much easier to turn my eyes and see the invoice I am trying to reconcile with inventory and time sheet, than it is to manually change screens back and forth.

And as others have pointed out, a happy employees is usually more productive.

Comment Re:Isn't leaving things out fun? (Score 1) 645

"With Microsoft, and other operating system vendors, I think the complexity of managing your computer is really torturing users,' Brin told reporters at Google I/O. 'It's torturing everyone in this room. It's a flawed model fundamentally. Chromebooks are a new model that doesn't put the burden of managing the computer on yourself."

So google is setting itself up to be like apple, but with less user options?

Comment Re:"Theater, Film, and Media Studies" (Score -1, Flamebait) 118

You are an idiot.

The article was full of trolling crap, placed there by anon, a long time ago.

Even "the rules of the internet" are a trolling POS, co-opted and modified from a gaiafag.

But the good thing is that faggots like you will be easliy spotted when you attempt to join the secret anonymous.

Comment Re:Browser based? (Score 0) 172

Fucking BS any fucking way. There should not be caps, period!!!

I have no problem paying for using the tubes and covering any charges incurred by the ISP, but they are monopolies and should be regulated as such.

Cocksuckers (I apologize to any cocksuckers I offended by comparing ISP/money grubbing companies to you) have major peering agreements and pay very fucking little for the amount of data that moves through their pipes.

Personally, I hope the top level executives who think caps are good, have to watch as their spouse, mothers and fathers, and children are raped by AIDS infested pit-bulls then slowly tortured to death before them, and then have to suffer by having their eyes removed with a grapefruit spoon, their tongue cut out with a rusty can lid, their eardrums pierced with an AIS infected knitting needle and their spinal cord cut right above the shoulders with a dull butter knife, so they can spend their remaining days, blind, deaf, paralyzed and unable to communicate while watching their families raped and killed over and over again.

And nah, I ain't really expressing my true opinions about them.

My true desires would be too graphic to actually post.

Comment Re:Apple? (Score 1) 406

Actually a sizable percentage do not buy any music, digital or "real media". For various reason.

I Don't buy because the record labels are a bunch of shitty, cock sucking bastards who should be raped to death by AIDS infested pitbulls, after watching the pitbulls eat their families alive.

Other folks remember the DRM and the rootkit from Sony and every other POS bitch move by the music and movie industries.

I can't see where the music people can do shit except buy some politicians.

Since when has it become illegal to upload or download data you own to the web?

Comment Re:Experienced only? (Score 1) 948

Actually in my off time, I fuck the current SotM, work on my garden and hang out with friends, along with screwing about on the interwebs and playing video games.

None of which have a thing to do with my work.

In fact, I am so sick of my work, I had my main T-stat go out a few months ago. At the time it did, I took it off the wall, and wired the LV circuit to the fan control and used an alligator clip to either turn on the heat or the cooling according to the indoor ambient.

I did fix that the other day when one of my techs came by to borrow some money. I had him mount a new T-stat.

Comment Re:basic business sense (Score 1) 209

Lol, think I will contact groupon.

Knock off 20% of my normal service call price, discount refrigerant by 75% and make money.

Keeping in mind R-22 costs around 180USD for 30 pounds and every company in town sells it for at least 50 bucks if not 65 bucks a pound.

Not to mention parts are usually marked up by massive amounts. One local company was selling a simple fan relay that cots $1.23 or so off sale and less than $1.00 when on sale, for $119.00, not to mention the $85 bucks an hour labor charge, a $45 dollar diagnostic charge, a $65 dollar trip charge and a $20 dollar "hazardous material disposal charge". All to change out a fan relay that takes about 5 minutes to diagnose and less than 5 minutes to change it out.

Comment Re:Experienced only? (Score 2) 948

You are a moron to a large extent.

I am a very good tech, have several licenses for different professions in my state and own now two successful businesses, one full time, HVAC/R; and one part-time, Substance Abuse Assessments for people charged with DUI.

In my time off, neither of them are something I do for "fun".

And I am not "stagnated' in my career or knowledge in either field. Being that both require CEUs and due to the fact that I am a person who takes pride in my skills, so I attend any training courses available within my time constraints.

If you think the only way to advance your career or skills is to do the same thing in your "off time" as you do when getting paid, you must be one boring, miserable excuse for a human being.

Comment Re:Symptomatic (Score 1) 566

Nah, just the dummies who think a bunch of letters or nice title are worth being overworked.

I live in the South, hold several licenses in a several very different fields, and declare at least $75k on my taxes every year.

And other than a few weeks during heating or cooling seasons, I work less than 40 hours a week.

Not one to avoid taxes, I will say that at least $200k a year passes through my hands from customers who like a 10% discount and no sales tax bill in exchange for paying in cash.

And my income is probably a little low when compared to other folks with any of the same licenses I hold.

I figured out a long time ago that I am somewhat lazy and that my needs and wants are pretty simple.

So the mid-level folks knocking down the 150k+ salaries, in exchange for 60+ hour work weeks and stress out the ass, I would like to feel sorry for you, but all I can do is laugh.

Comment Re:Kind of agree... (Score 1) 566

I have insurance on my HVAC/R business. I had a choice between saying I installed gas appliances or did not install gas appliances (natural and propane).

Being I am rather fond of my money and stuff, I took the policy that included installing gas appliances.

It cost me almost $40 bucks a year to cover my installations of gas appliances.

This is a million dollars of liability insurance BTW. The total cost of my insurance (not counting vehicle or property) is around $500 bucks a year for liability coverage of 1 million bucks.

Reason is that there is a vast networks of laws and regulations that shield me from liability.

If the medical field could come up with a "best practice" manual and that be used to protect from lawsuits, much of the malpractice suits would not be filed.

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