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Comment Re:Old computers boot from USB? (Score 1) 146

Good lord people, do none of you actually run linux? Sugar on a stick is just a conceptual item, it is to show the versatility of the OS they built. A CD-DVD-hard Disk-Flash port would be trivial from here.

Moreover, the current method of creating a SoaS device is to download an ISO and use the provided shell script!

Comment Re:The "later version" clause (Score 1) 95

Existing content contributed to Wikipedia was done under the GFDL license, which like the standard GPLv2 includes a "or later version" clause. Wikipedia's license includes this clause. The latest version of the GFDL now contains a section I think written to specifically allow Wikimedia to do this.

Kinda. It's broad, in that it allows pretty much any wiki to do the same thing, but it *was* a collab between WMF and the FSF.

Comment Re:why didn't they complain about GWT? (Score 2, Insightful) 186

Hmm...I wonder why they never complained about the limited subset of classes that GWT supports in client-side code.

Because they never said that GWT supports "Java", they said it implements some JRE classes. And like everyone says, Sun is a sore loser for failing to release a usable cloud-computing project.

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