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Comment Why is this taking so long? (Score 3, Insightful) 365

Pretty much everyone has condemned the way BP has tried to 'save' the well during their attempts to 'solve' the problem, instead of taking a more direct approach, but it cannot be stressed enough. The oil rig explosion was on the 20th April. It's now the 23rd of May. For a company which is in control of, basically a WMD, there should have been contingency after contingency lined up.

No dice on the blow off valve? Next day try the cap, next day try the plug, then the current 'top kill' method; we'd be at the current progress within a week. At the moment it seems BP is making it up as they go along, that may be all they can do at the moment, but it is unacceptable that there was no preparation or protocol for a worse case scenario, which even this isn't. A tanker full of cement and rubber could have been there within a few hours, this is a disgrace.

It's going to be a long time before new drilling is permitted in the Gulf of Mexico, I hope that time is spent drafting up legislation that sets up some sort of oil spill crisis management that has direct authority to intervene immediately when something like this happens. This sort of task absolutely should not be in the hands of people who have such a blatant conflict of interest.

Comment Re:you are correct, it's the cost (Score 2, Insightful) 302

That may seem fair in your region of the world, but it is ludicrously over-priced elsewhere.

Over priced compared to what? The pirated copies? Letting people who infringe copyright dictate price point is not a good idea.

In the UK a new release DVD can be anywhere between £10 and £15; a trip to the cinema for 4 people can be upward of £35. I'd say the price point for a DVD that you can keep, share, re-sell etc, is about right. Sure it would be nice if it was cheaper.

At the end of the day these companies have costs, risks, and an obligation to make huge profits. Do other manufacturers listen when you tell them to reduce prices and make less profit?

Comment Industry funded studies (Score 1) 248

Cellphone companies find cellphones pose no health risk.

Yes the survey was conducted by the WHO, by then there is this gem

Data from the IARC study showed that overall, mobile telephone users in fact had a lower risk of brain cancer than people who had never used one, but the 21 scientists who conducted the study said this finding suggested problems with the method, or inaccurate information from those who took part.

Sounds like it was a bit of a waste of time really...

Comment Re:Need for anonymous search engine (Score 1) 281

I just don't understand why no one trusts Google when they have the cleanest track record out there

I think it is down to how many companies have burned their users in the past., Facebook etc. were all 'trusted' by users until their moral compasses went haywire. I think distrusting content providers* is healthy, if only from a security and privacy perspective.

*Yes I realise Google searches don't technically provide content

Comment Re:NC is desperate for money (Score 1) 272

If that's the case, why not get online retailers to add an additional tax to products shipped to NC zip codes, which is then handed over?

I'm not familiar with the US tax system, but in the UK VAT is added at the point of sale, included in the price, and the total gathered by the supplier is paid once a year to the tax man.

If this is just to get taxes, why do they need personal information? So they can pursue cases individually? Talk about ball-ache.

Comment Re:Use It, Lose It (Score 1) 419

What about collisions that could have been avoided by fast evasive action? There's a very good reason why rally drivers always have two hands on the steering wheel. You have a higher degree of control and precision when you use both arms, however good your 'multitasking' skills are.

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