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Comment Re:This sounds like a money grab (Score 1) 97

Right - but I wouldn't use the same name for Rapidshare if I were to create an account there, at least for any shady business. I think you can even find my real name from my usual nickname if you look hard enough, I don't particularly care about that.

Don't get your hopes up about komoot, I tried to use the Android app as a bicycle satnav, but it didn't work too well. OpenRouteService (with OsmAnd) is much better. :-)

Comment Re:This sounds like a money grab (Score 4, Informative) 97

This explanation is incomplete, of course, since presumably the uploader is also on the hook for copyright violation, and you have to register an account to upload anything (I think), but there are few uploaders and many downloaders, so the explanation above could still work on average.

Who registers accounts with real personal data?

This post brought to you by Mr. Jesus Christ, Downing Street 10, Washington DC, Russia.

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 534


Empty of people. It is a comment on human nature.

In that case, I disagree. If anything can be said about human nature, it's that it isn't static. In a society so thoroughly permeated by violence, of course human nature becomes violent. That doesn't mean it always has to be that way.

I took the GP to mean that without war and violence, life would be empty and dull, implying that conflict makes life worth living.

Comment Re:Dawkin's is a piss poor social scientist (Score 1) 862

Clue time: There is no such thing as a "communist personality cult". There are, of course, people who claim that their particular personality cult is somehow communist. Like the North Korean elite. Or Stalin's bureaucrats. Or even misguided but honest-to-$NONEXISTENT_DEITY communists. That doesn't make it true, any more than that humans were brought to Earth by Xenu in DC-8s.

Comment Re:ARM Linux Netbook finally arrives? (Score 1) 230

At least the x86 Chromebooks have a developer switch, which lets you install whatever you want on it - so it really shouldn't be too hard.

This might very well be what I've been waiting for too (well, not this one in particular, but ARM Chromebooks generally). My wish list:
* decent screen (>= 1600x900, preferably IPS)
* at least 64GB flash (or user-upgradeable, either mSATA or just plain old 2.5")
* at least 2GB RAM (4GB and user-upgradeable would be better, but we'll probably have to wait another year or so for 64-bit ARM for that to be viable)

Comment Re:...Why? (Score 1) 328

You can't carry atomic clocks in your pocket, they're a tad too big for that.

Actually, it seems you can. And even older generations weren't that huge - certainly too big to carry in your pocket, but not impossible to mount in a vehicle, aircraft or ship. E.g. this HP 5071A which can be yours for the bargain basement price of just $27.500.

So maybe some GPS receivers can indeed get a 3D fix with 3 satellites, when combined with (or including) an atomic clock.

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