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Comment Re:My phone has a camera (Score 1) 652

Agreed. I have been setting my mirrors properly for about hte last 8 years. It is a huge help. When I first got a car witih a standard I took a quick lesson to get some tips, and one thing she told me was that your shoulder check should just be to the immediate left and right of you, like what's on the other side of either of your front windows. That should be the only area your side mirrors can't cover. It's funny, and bad, to see so many people trying to merge or change lanes and turning their whole body to look behind them. Scary actually. Even worse when you're their passenger. But it's very common.

Also, I just got a 2008 Civic Si. I have found that the mirrors only can be turned out just barely enough (they're electric) to see what I want. The passenger side always has a smidge of the side of my car in the mirror, can't make it go away. But still head and shoulders better than the alternative. Maybe the automakers are making it difficult to set mirrors properly because so many people refuse to do it...

Comment Re:Au Contraire (Score 1) 215

Can't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

But seriously, my votes in the last few elections have been protest votes. Goldring was the guy in my area at that time, and look what he did. I voted for the also-rans.

This is bad. Sadly, one of my best friends thinks Harper is a trustworthy, nice guy. Reality is he's as slimy as they come.

Comment Re:and what about xerox's stuff? (Score 1) 988

Yeah, but who with a broken phone screen is going to search for "android cracked screen" if their phone happens to be an HTC Whatever? They would instead search for "HTC Whatever cracked screen". Seriously.

Yes I do have a Galaxy S 2 and really like it. No the screen's not broken. Surprisingly, because the other day it got caught inthe car door I was closing...

Comment Re:Tell me about it (Score 1) 308

Yeah tell me about it. I just got a Galaxy S2. I really like it. It's my first cool phone. Only ever had lame clamshells before this. Anyway I can't figure out how to update Android on it. It came with 2.3.3.

That Bell Navigation app is the biggest scam ever. They want you to pay $10 a month to use it. I wonder how many rubes are out there paying for that crap. Not to mention their "Radio and TV" crapp-app.

Then there's the issue of tethering. This phone can become a mobile wi-fi hotspot. But they told me if I use that feature they charge $15. WTF? Then they said tethering is only allowed on the iPhone. Seriously, what?

Maybe next time I'll just buy a phone and activate it month-to-month. They sure don't want you doing that though.

Comment Re:but best buy is pre doing and forcing you to bu (Score 1) 454

Ya and often those modified items are worth a lot less, that's right a lot less. I'll never again buy someone's stupid modified car, I don't care if it was done "professionally". This reminds me of the fake commercial on the radio of Grand Theft Auto 4 where that muscly guy (I think his name is Brucie) talks about his car modification shop wehre he says they take super cars designed by world-class engineers and modify them to make them worth a lot less. Tha'ts right, a lot less.

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