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Comment Re:Betteridge says: (Score 1) 808

angel'o'sphere wrote:

To learn more how computers actually work? To learn more how YOU mind actually works?

Yup. All us programmers are acutely aware of the need to understand cognitive science. That's why langauage wars are a thing of the past: we just wait for the social scientists to verify the claims (faster dev, lower maintenance, etc), and go with what they say.

... at least one language that follws or emphasizes a differen paradigm than your main language you are like a musician who can only play one instrument.

But what about a mind that can only recite a single slogan?

(John Coltrane totally sucked: he never played anything but sax.)

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 808

Can't imagine what you're talking about. By any reasonable standard, perl5 is doing okay, and in any case progress hardly stopped because of the perl6 project (rather there was an infusion of new blood in the core dev team). Perl6 was effectively developed in parallel with perl5 development.

And if perl5 doesn't seem like the only game in town any more, that has a lot more to do with a backlash from the CS snobs than the perl6 project.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 808

Perl6 may yet triumph. Yeah, there's fewer cpan libraries, but there's a lot less need for them: a lot of common needs have been moved into the core language.

(And before you "do one thing and do it well" types get started, you need to focus on the fact that no one really does that, including unix, and sometimes the monolithic strategy wins.)

Comment the snake will die (Score 1) 808

Programmers will get bored and jump on some other fad. They need an exuse to re-write the standard libraries every few years, because they've got no ideas but they like to feel like they're doing something.

I mean-- in today's multiprocessor big dada cloudy future one must choose a language that optimizes the resource functionality-functionalism tradeoff to reduce downtime and maintenance costs while maximizing stock market confusion and venture capital infusion.

Comment Re: Then don't use Facebook (Score 1) 189

Now, the question you need to be asking yourself is what precisely is the operational difference between a far-right Trump supporter and a highly-principled defender from the left who is Deeply Concerned that the alphabet soup may be framing the right guy for once?

Another way of putting the question would be: what is the purpose of high-minded principles that don't actually do anything to make the world a better place?

But the purity of your ethical standards certainly is impressive, I can even see it shining through my insanity layer.

Comment One more time around the block (Score 1) 189

Impy the Impiuos Imp ( 442658 ) wrote:

But he does lose

No, the seller might be losing something, but maybe they aren't really: it's not that easy to say. E.g. I've bought DVDs to give as gifts because I saw the material for free first. (For that matter, I buy disks sometimes to support the businesses selling them, or just because I like having disks kicking around, but skip all that for now.)

Book publishers don't go around complaining about how those damn public libraries are putting them out of business, and cassette taping was not really the death of the music industry, and if sales are down for music it might be because Internet, or it might be because people don't give a shit about music right now (a theory that would explain a lot about the music out there).

By the way, sales of vinyl LPs and books-on-paper are evidently doing pretty well just now. The world sure is complicated.

Comment Re: Then don't use Facebook (Score 1) 189

It's worth thinking about the accuracy of the claims. There've been examples of internet Great Sensations that were essentially companies lying about how much traffic they were getting (e.g. second life).

More interesting I think is the idea that the intelligent few are stuck with a lowest-common denominator trash internet... is that really true? What are we to make of the 30% or so that have taken the trouble to install an ad-blocker? It would seem that quite a few people don't just swill up anything that's put in front of them.

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