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Comment Re:please tell us your real agenda. (Score 1) 131

Yes the wheels DO turn a little slower in larger companies, but it's better then the wheels not turning at all as happens when the OSS project your business was relying on goes dark because the main dev lost interest.

If your business is relying on an OSS project and it gets in a pickle because the project goes dead, then I don't understand. If it relied on the project to begin with, that means it already had the features you needed most, in which case progress (although pleasant) is unnecessary. Besides, you would have the option of forking the project and finishing it yourself! Unlike when you gotta go out and buy a "new" version of a game because some big company decided its customers didn't need to play that game online anymore...

Comment Re:Or parents... (Score 1) 355

Stop overreacting.
There are three kind of people when it comes to what they first think when they see an article like this:
  1. the kind that thinks it's about protecting the young (prepubescent) kids.
    They tend to agree with the proposed measures, and they usually get upset when someone of the second category is upset about restricting the "kids" they think the article refers to
  2. the kind that thinks it's about restricting the right of exploring and learning the world around them teenagers should have
    They tend to disagree with the proposed measures, and they usually get upset when someone of the first category is upset about them being upset about restricting the "kids" they think the article refers to (phew... that wasn't so hard now, was it?)
  3. the kind that reads the article and gets upset when the first two categories rant.

I must admit, I'm usually in the second category. However, my point remains: chillax, bro!

Comment Re:Is she really sure it was locked? (Score 1) 645

Not to mention that depression may have a physiological root. For example, it is very well possible for your brain to not secrete a normal amount of serotonin. Or perhaps perhaps the receptors for this neurotransmitter (or another) don't function well. Here's a (perhaps unauthoritative) reference: Monoamine hypothesis.

What I'm trying to say is this: depression itself may be treatable, but the underlying cause of depression (which in that case would be a symptom) may not. Anecdote: my father has been diagnosed with depression, and he's been on medication for at least a decade now.

Comment Re:In that case... (Score 1) 327

While I see the point that you're trying to make - I really wouldn't mind that. If I'm not doing anything illegal, then I don't have to worry about being arrested. Why would someone be AGAINST security cameras being pointed at their property, when other people pay hefty sums to set them up for security?

To be honest, I think being able to go down to my local police station, saying "My house got broken into this weekend, could you guys check the tapes" would be WAY more convenient then the quote unquote "inconvenience" of being watched.

What pray-tell, directly disadvantages the average citizen if they were to be watched at all times?

Your point of view is that if you're innocent, you shouldn't mind having every single bit of privacy taken away. This really pisses me off, as it is tantamount to saying someone is guilty simply by virtue of desiring privacy. Just imagine applying this exact same way of thinking to criminal law: you are guilty until proven innocent.

Comment Business model (Score 1) 343

1. Advertise a certain amount of bandwidth
2. Put a clause in the contract that allows you to change the advertised service at any time
3. Sell advertised product
4. Cap bandwidth to amounts clearly below what was advertised, on account of "1% of our users fuck the other 99%"
5. ?????
6. Profit!!!

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