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Submission + - 12 Year old Girl pushed out of Co-Ed minor hockey (

joelmax writes: From the article:
For 12-year-old Kayla Watkins, the public humiliation was too much.

After learning a parent on her coed peewee hockey team — comprised entirely of boys except for her — called for restrictions on her ice time or her removal from the team unless her skills improved, she did the only thing she thought she could: She quit.

½Â½ÂoeI felt that if I went back all the parents would have been watching every move I made and always staring at me,” said the outgoing preteen, who has been playing the game since the age of four."

Comment Already in Canada (Score 1) 2

Have had this for several years in canada now... has it deterred people.. not really. People like to smoke, not stare at packs of smokes... and now in Canada they have to be hidden behind the counter so those safety warning pictures get even less exposure... a noble effort, but ultimately a waste...

Submission + - If It's on the Net, It's Public Domain...Right? (

An anonymous reader writes: An article published on the web in 2005 was lifted by Cooks Source magazine and reprinted without permission. The author sought minimal compensation (in the form of a donation to a University) and was instead given the greatest, most full of win, snarky email response in recent memory. The magazine editor's rationale being that if it's on the internet, it must have been public domain.

Submission + - Copyright Infringement and Me (

cmiller173 writes: The editor of a magazine that infringed on the copyright of a freelance writer tell the writer "the web is considered 'public domain'" and "We put some time into rewrites, you should compensate me! "

Submission + - Canadian Judge Strikes Down Prostitution Law ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A Superior Court judge has struck down Canada's laws against prostitution, on grounds that it violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The ruling is not to take effect for 30 days, to give time to assess the potential consequences of such a decision. Is this a bad thing, or a sudden outbreak of common sense? Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has already announced that the federal government plans to appeal the decision.

Submission + - 5.5 Earthquake Hits Canada ( 1

joelmax writes: A magnitude 5.5 earthquake hit central Canada this afternoon, rattling buildings from Windsor to Montreal and several U.S. states.

The epicentre of the quake was in Quebec, 61 kilometres north of Ottawa, according to U.S. Geological Survey, and struck at 1:41 p.m.EDT.


Submission + - Time for a new Apple Logo on Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft used to be the example of tech company evil and so the icon on slashdot for Microsoft is a Borg version of Bill Gates. Now that Apple is acting far more evil than Microsoft ever was isn't it about time to update the Apple logo here on slashdot to reflect that? Here's a call for submissions of that logo would be. How about.

Submission + - Canadian Heritage Minister Slimes DMCA Critics (

An anonymous reader writes: Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore launched a full attack against critics of the proposed Canadian DMCA yesterday. Warning against "radical extremists", he stated people should not take reform suggestions seriously: "Don't fool yourself. These voices that are out there, these people that are out there who pretend to be experts that the media cite all the time. They don't believe in any copyright reform whatsoever. They will find any excuse to oppose this bill, to drum up fear, to mislead, to misdirect, and to push people in the wrong direction and to undermine what has been a meaningful comprehensive year-long effort to get something right. "

Comment Re:That's cute and everything.... (Score 1) 164

Well, I'll tell you since I have been working with these boards for a bit now... its really not bad.. I have an Intel Core2Duo E6400 system (Desktop CPU, intel DG945FC mobo if I remember the model correctly) inside an original NES case with a thermaltake meOrb HSF unit. It runs like a dream and the NES case has NO Externally visible vent additions with the exception of the rear exhaust fan (60mm). It is in a small, enclosed cabinet in my tv stand and I have had no heating issues. My next project is to put one of these into a mbox m350 mitx enclosure that mounts on the back of a monitor (VESA 75 standard if I remember correctly, maybe 100 though). You definitely don't need a huge case, you can actually go quite small on the form factor and pack a lot inside small areas, just make sure that your ventilation is adequate, it really doesn't take much to keep the systems cool. Now, if you want a hardcore gaming rig, these aren't what you want (Although the NES does do Half Life2 @ 1920x1080 with all settings jacked), but for a business setup, this is the perfect form factor. People just need to take the time to start making small cases for these boards (Well, companies are now, but not many are trying to make it really small) and start targetting the market that would benefit from these systems (Point of sale, etc.. and yes I know that they already are in these markets and have been for a bit, but broader adoption would be a good thing). For some pics of the NES setup:

MINI-ITX and the Future of PC Case Design? 164

An anonymous reader writes "One of the interesting things to come out of the recent Computex electronics show in Taiwan was striking new PC cases — in particular systems built around tiny Mini-ITX boards. What may have once been regarded as the weird little brother of the more common Micro-ATX, the popularity of PCs built with these boards seems to be gradually building. This year at Computex saw the first Mini-ITX boards to support USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps, and a variety of new shapes and styles in both Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX case design. This photo gallery shows some of the more striking examples of these new PC cases from Computex, including one that appears to be modelled on an Xbox 360, and one with a VESA mount for strapping to the back of a monitor. Interestingly, while these designs have usually been associated with home theatre system PCs, or for saving space on office desktops, there is also now a trend towards pushing 'gamer' features like windows and multiple fans into these small form factor cases."

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