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Comment "Star Trek's Warp Drive" (Score 1) 541

Really? Specifically Star Trek's Warp Drive is possible?

So does that mean some day interstellar travellers will be able to disinfect their computer systems of a cheese virus by using the warp field to heat the ship? And we'll be able to travel through time by using it to fly around the sun? And rerouting Warp power through the deflector dish will be used to solve any problem?

Comment Re:I hope it's better than Nemesis..... (Score 1) 437

If you've never watched the later Trek series then you won't have encountered this, but in Voyager, and Enterprise (substitute "hull plating" for "shields"), "action" scenes consist of:

Bridge shakes, console explodes.

Ensign X says "Captain! Shields down to 80%", shot of captain looking worried.

External shot of ship being attacked by aliens.

Bridge shakes, console explodes, "Shields down to 60%", repeat until:

[the captain delivers a speech to the aliens on how we are Not So Different|a member of the enemy crew with a Heart of Gold sees the light and betrays his evil commander|they reroute the impulse engines through the EPS conduits to generate a polaron pulse in the main deflector dish] to end the battle.

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