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Comment Great energy gathering idea (Score 1) 197

This is exactly the kind of thing we need to see more of. Energy is all around us, just waiting to be harvested. All of those little bits could add up to a lot of energy. Reminds me of those tiles that generate energy when walked on, or those breaks in Hybrid cars that re-charge the battery upon breaking. How about those watches that use your body's motion to charge. When Tech gets cheap enough I suspect we will see more and more "perpetual" energy in our lives(though there is really no such thing as perpetual energy).

Comment Download Vs. Install (Score 1) 876

One thing that really grind my gears is when folks call installing "Downloading" or vice versa. Another is when Someone says, "Oh, I got that offline", what they mean to say is that they got is off of the internet. You can't get something "offline" because you are offline moron!!

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