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Submission + - Inside Australia's Data Retention Proposal (

bennyboy64 writes: New details have emerged on Australia's attempt at getting a data retention regime into place, with meeting notes taken by industry showing exactly what has been proposed. In a nutshell, the Australian Government wants internet service providers to keep anything and everything they have the ability to log and retain for two years 'at this stage'.

Submission + - Lazy Admins Stay On IE6 To Block Facebook ( 1

bennyboy64 writes: Businesses that want to block access to social networking sites such as Facebook are not upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE), according to Microsoft's Australian chief security adviser Stuart Strathdee, ZDNet reports. '[Companies are] happy to stay with IE6 because ... a lot of the social networking sites and the sites that they deem are unnecessary for work purposes, they're not going to render and function properly within [older versions of] IE,' Strathdee said. Are there any IT admins out there harassing IE6 for this purpose?

Submission + - Oz Firm To Offer Android-based iPad Rival ( 1

bennyboy64 writes: On the eve of the launch of the Apple iPad internationally, Australian PC manufacturer Pioneer has revealed plans to launch an Android-based competitor, reports ZDNet. Pioneer issued a release this week stating it would launch its DreamBook ePad 7. The company has billed the tablet as 'a revolutionary iPad-style mobile computer' at the Computex trade fair in Taiwan, which runs from the 1 to 5 June.

Submission + - Google Wi-Fi Spy Was Deliberate, Says AU Minister (

bennyboy64 writes: Australia's Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has accused Google of deliberately collecting payload data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks. 'Google have admitted to doing this and claim it was a mistake in the software code, meaning that it was actually quite deliberate, the code was collecting it," Conroy said in Parliament. The minsiter has been waging war on Google ever since it opposed his plans to censor the internet.

Submission + - IBM Security Conference USB Infected With Malware

bennyboy64 writes: IBM has sent out an email to all attendees to the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT) 2010 conference this afternoon, warning them that some of the USB drives handed out to delegates contained malware. Telecommunications company Telstra distributed malware-infected USB drives at the conference in 2008. It appears history has repeated itself.

Submission + - Women in Oz Fight Over 'Geekgirk' Trademark (

bennyboy64 writes: Two prominent women in the Australian IT industry are in a bitter dispute over the ownership of the trademark 'geekgirl'. A woman attempting to use 'geekgirl' on Twitter told ZDNet women had been advised by the trademark owner to stop doing so since she owned the trademark for the word.'She noted her trademark and asked me to stop calling myself a 'geekgirl' in general conversation and to cease using the hashtag '#geekgirl' on Twitter,' IT consultant Kate Carruthers said.

Submission + - Cryptography Pioneer Paranoid Of Webcam (

bennyboy64 writes: Pioneer of public-key cryptography Whitfield Diffie doesn't trust Apple to keep attackers from taking control of his webcam, it was revealed at a recent security conference. At the conference, Diffie had a piece of tape over his Apple MacBook's built-in webcam. When asked why, he answered it was the most effective protection against prying eyes.

Submission + - Mobile 'Remote Wipe' Thwarts Secret Service (

bennyboy64 writes: Smartphones that offer the ability to 'remote wipe' are great for when your device goes missing and you want to delete your data so that someone else can't look at it, but not so great for the United States Secret Service, ZDNet reports. The ability to 'remote wipe' some smartphones such as BlackBerry and iPhone was causing havoc for law enforcement agencies, according to USSS special agent Andy Kearns, speaking on mobile phone forensics at a security conference in Australia.

Submission + - Ex-Pennsylvania CISO Says Security Talk Cost Job (

bennyboy64 writes: The former chief information security officer (CISO) for the US state of Pennsylvania, Bob Maley, today confirmed rumours at the AusCERT 2010 security conference in Australia that he was put out of a job for disclosing information about a security incident at another conference earlier in the year, ZDNet reports. In March, SC Magazine reported Maley as being let go following an appearance at the RSA Conference in the United States.

Submission + - In AU, Court Rules Downloaded Software Not "goods" ( 2

bennyboy64 writes: A court decision ruling that the supply of software through a digital download mechanism is not a supply of 'goods' has been upheld in the Supreme Court of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia, setting a precedent that software downloaded via the internet is not protected by the Sale of Goods Act, reports ZDNet. It's a court decision that lawyer Patrick Gunning said attorneys had been waiting to have clarified for some time. What this meant was that "people who purchase software will have more legal rights if they buy over the counter rather than downloading", Gunning said.

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