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Comment FAIL! (Score 1) 566

The word "its" is possessive, as in:
The chimpanzee scratched its head.

"it's" is a contraction of "it is".

It appears as if your sentence should have read:
Sadly as slashdot has no edit function available in its interface, it's a pointless exercise.

FTFY, and as AC said, please try and make an effort. Thank you! ;-)

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 566

I'm in the same boat in terms of diagnosis tools. You may already know this: PuTTY supports opening both telnet and raw TCP sessions.

The awesome thing about HTTP is its extensibility but changing to a binary protocol may make compat an interesting thing. I am interested in knowing how clients in particular are expected to operate when talking to 1.1 only servers.

Comment Re:And it's in Japan (Score 1) 268

The glass itself is cheap - With decently-sized orders, you can get a 1 km run for under $75. The majority of the costs are manpower to string the stuff to poles (or run it through manholes), do splices and OTDR signal levels along the way. Besides higher population density, Japan has an added "advantage" of having lower median income, which is likely to translate into lower labor costs for installation...

Comment Re:They needed research for this? (Score 1) 288

You can put alcohol or chemicals from aerosol cans on you or your clothes and light it without injury. The chemical will likely burn off before it heats your skin enough to burn you. A simple wipe or pat down would kill the flame.

If you try this at home, please have a fire extinguisher or bathtub full of water to jump into. It's possible to let the fire burn too long and have your clothes start to burn.

Comment Re:Standard upgradeable form factor parts (Score 1) 591

Laptop OEMs have been fighting this kind of thing for years because it eats into their bottom line. Apple seems to be the worst offender: Their "Retina" MacBook Pros offer locked multipliers, no mini-pcie bays, a proprietary flash storage interface and non-upgradable memory. Unfortunately, it's "in" to be like Apple and other OEMs are starting to follow suit.

Comment Re:Is this a serious OS? (Score 1) 107

Sorry for being pedantic, but your "C" example declares Pythagoras() as returning a float yet you cast the return value of sqrt() to int. As it seems that your intent was to truncate, you should use floor() instead of relying on casting hacks.

Comment Start trading DVD's. (Score 1) 547

Don't focus on renting DVD's. A lot of people own a few hundred DVD's that they don't watch. Offer to buy those, and sell used DVD's cheap enough so that it amounts to a rental that you don't have to return. You can make money over and over on the same DVD that way.

Allow people to do this by mailing in DVD's. Make it as easy as Netflix.

Otherwise, make him watch the latest Halloween South Park and pour him two or three shots of a good single malt scotch.

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