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Comment Re:WONTFIX (Score 1) 378

Yeah, pretty much no one is impressed by your credentials. Moreover, no one really cares what you'd do. Obviously Valve doesn't give a crap about your opinion since they're not managing their staff the way you do. Looks to me they are way more successful than probably any company you've been with. So good luck with that short man complex you got going on there.

Comment Re:Kickstarter forever (Score 1) 91

You are free to piss away your money on any damned thing you want to.

But, in general, I'd say it's a fair observation that Kick Starter mostly serves to fund people who have an idea, and nothing else ... who may or may not reach their goals, and who will probably still go under, leaving all of your stuff in the hands of an entity you wouldn't have started a business relationship with.

From the stories we see, it really has the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme as a bunch of guys play the get-rich-quick game by pretending they have a business plan.

I've never heard of either Razer or Ouya, but the news stories I've seen over the last few years says I'd never pay into a Kick Starter.

Who you give your money to is your damned business.

It's like PT Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute.

Razer has been around for years. Known for making "gaming" peripherals for the PC such as keyboards and mice. They're not running any kickstarter campaign here, they're absorbing some technical talent from a former kickstarter company to do something similar to what that company did. RTFA.

Comment Re:Lame duck (Score 2, Insightful) 211

Helped improve race relations? Are you kidding me?! He's just as bad as as the ambulance chasers crazy uncle Al and Jesse. Any opportunity that presents itself to capitalize on some "race related" situation (Baltimore, Ferguson, Travon) he pounces on to keep fanning the flames of hatred for any who are not black. Seems to me he's purposely trying to prompt a race war, not "improve relations".

Comment Re:INFORMATION (Score 1) 202

--- anonymous uverse tech This is whats going on, any new gateway or exisiting gateway that is restarted will not be able to obtain service. The DHCP servers are overloaded and over capacity, CMS has disabled their northbound API so no provisioning can get thru in order to lessen the load. Its not affecting everyone in the affected areas, and as a precaution NO ONE should attempt to powercycle or reset their gateway for any reason.

LOL, I bet Level 1 tech scripts are really useful now. Sir, have you rebooted your router? Please reboot your router, awwww

Comment Re:Basement Dweller (Score 1) 337

My apologies, I did not realize you were mentally deficient. I didn't mean to make fun.

Let me explain so even you can understand. Hypothetical situation (means not real, but could be): I install Linux on a spare PC I have laying around. I attempt to install the driver for the graphics card in this spare PC. I click the button labeled "click here to install just works graphics driver". It doesn't work, gives an error message. Do some reading online, find other people with same problem, they say go to CLI and type this to make it work. I do so and it now "just works". This is my personal "experience" with installing a driver in Linux.

You do the same, click the "just works" button. And it works. This is YOUR experience with installing a driver in Linux.

There ya go, go drink that chocolate milk your mom just brought down to you.

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