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Comment Re:Doubt it... (Score 1) 236

1) Gameplay (else you won't play it long enough to appreciate the plot)
2) Plot (because gameplay will get boring after a while)
3) Variability (GoW may be extremely playable and have a good plot but it isn't worth playing it more than 2 times, unlike Metal Gear or GTA: San Andreas)
4) Acting (characters have to stand out and be real to let one merge into the plot)

Social is out of the question, games aren't for that.
And price would matter only in a less pirated market.

Comment PS2 (Score 1, Informative) 131

Does anyone else prefer just a standard controller?

The PS2 joystick is awesomely perfect.

PS3's R2/L2 are too far from the plastic, reducing response, it's heavier, and the sixaxis sometimes bothers when trying to play and sleep at the same time.

The XBox controller is a joke, it has SEGA like arrows, when you press right and it presses right+diagonals+up+down because of being physically connected, and playing Virtua Fighter is horribly difficult, even comparing to the PS2 joystick, and don't talk about the arcade version!
It also has the left analog in a hard position to reach, making one touch the arrows (at random).

The Wii controller is perfect for what it is for, Mario Galaxy, SSB, etc. But for action/RPG/FPS games is just dysfunctional.

Comment Re:Palin? (Score 1) 288

The big problem with the turing test is that the bot has to speak, as if speaking is the only form of inteligence. Other tests are also based on the senses, and that is not the base of intelligence. Until we find what real intelligence is we can not put machines to tests.
Operating Systems

Submission + - A Trip Down Distro Memory Lane (

M-Saunders writes: What did the Linux world look like back in 2000? TuxRadar has republished a distro roundup from Linux Format issue 1, May 2000. Many distros such as SUSE, Mandrake and Red Hat are still around in various incarnations, but a few such as Corel and Definite have fallen by the wayside.

Comment Re:FOSS Humiliated By HP (Score 1) 261

We have Bash. Why would we need all that shit normal users use, I only want to have Bash downloading the QOTD and counting the amount of swears in the kernel source code, while it's downloading pr0n and comparing assian sex-poses to north-american ones to build a DB for my personal use, I don't really care about the UI widgets and that irrelevant stuff.

Comment Re:Do we need Mono? (Score 1) 570

That is very true indeed, concurrency is not Python's strong, but I find mantaining big apps in Python easier than in any other language because of it's amazing object system.
Also, I really hate intermediates, if someone wants to use all the power of current CPU's they should look at Kollibri and code in assembly, but if we are talking of Mono vs Python there is no need at all for that kind of sh...ame.

Comment Do we need Mono? (Score 1) 570

The question is, "Do we really need C#?"
I think that with Python, Java, Python, QT, and Python we don't need that Mono thing at all, especially when with Python we can de everything we would ever want or need.
Some people may say that Python is slow, but it's like that because it's too easy to code, and programers often forget about performance, but Python can ve very f*ck*n fast!

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