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Comment Re:Blegh (Score 1) 458

I have to agree
All you should have is a joint checking account for house hold bills, and maybe a joint savings account for vacations.
There is no need to combine everything in a long term relationship unfortunately I learned the hard way after two marriages and two divorces.
Currently I have no joint accounts with my current girlfriend/partner/house mate of 9 years.

As far as the computers go, yours is yours, and hers is hers, and she should be able to have copies of any of her data on your servers.

Comment Not Currently Practical (Score 1) 158

Let us count the ways of epic failure:
1. Follows enemy combatants instead of friendly soldiers
2. Takes orders from enemy combatants.
3. Makes enough noise to be heard at least a klick away.
4. Runs out of fuel.
The only thing this has over a mule or horse is that it can be deployed on a jump.

Comment Really someone needs to wake up (Score 1) 1367

Global warming is real.
But there is a lot of arguing about everything that affects it.

Let’s start with the WSJ article which is pretty much a reprint of the same arguments in the 90's.
In the 90's a lot of people with PHD's came out and sited bogus data, and bad assumptions to outline their argument that global warming was a hoax.
A lot of the PHD’s in question did not have any experience in the discipline necessary to come to an educated conclusion.
In fact if I remember correctly the majority of the people with PHD’s were geologists dependent on Oil and natural gas companies for funding.
This was exposed for the crap that it was in the early 2000's.
Now it is back again and it is still crap, and not real science.
And guess what kiddies the WSJ is not a scientific journal.

Now let’s look at the real science behind global warming.
Global warming is caused by many factors but the 2 main factors are: Greenhouse gasses, and solar changes in our sun.
Trying to predict this is still tough because we still don’t have all the data necessary to pin it all down.
So there are still some anomaly’s with the models we use.
What we do know is we can't really do much about the sun at this time, but we can reduce our CO2 output and possibly other greenhouse gasses as well.
There are also natural processes on the earth that produce greenhouse gasses that we can’t at this time control.
But reducing the industrial greenhouse gasses we output is something we can and really should do.

Comment Re:As opposed to every other NASA proposal since 1 (Score 1) 411

I have to agree here.
The NASA Space program has always suffered from having champagne tastes and a beer budget.
Compile that with design changes forced on them by the DOD, NSA, CIA, and congress and it is a wonder how NASA gets anything done.

A good example is in the 90’s when we had 2 competing programs for replacing the shuttle.
NASA chose wisely for science and moving us forward and poorly for congressional budget constraints.
(The Lockheed Martin X-33 VentureStar vs The McDonnell Douglas DC-X, Delta Clipper)
Now almost 15 years later all we got is a third shuttle replacement program killed off.
So yes love or hate Obama he is trying to move NASA forward with what little budget congress will approve for them.

And we all know who picked up the clipper ball after NASA dropped it.

Comment What is really going on here (Score 1) 403

Sorry I just have to respond to this.
First the headline has nothing to do with the story.
The story is about dementia and Alzheimer's disease and not Ginkgo Doesn't Improve Memory Or Cognitive Skills.
Also the science of this study is just really bad and ignores what science has been done on Ginkgo Biloba’s affect on the body.
So what do we know about its effects?
It increases blood flow in small blood vessels, and the extremities, and in conjunction with other herbs has been used to help reduce blood pressure. (For centuries)
It has the curious effect of countering the negative effects of too much caffeine.
It also helps with blood flow to the brain, and can be used to help with mild cases of ADD. (Not HDAD)
I myself take it for my mild ADD and it does help me to focus.

Since Dementia and Alzheimer’s are cellular degeneration diseases and not related to blood flow in the brain I am not surprised it was not found to be helpful.
This is an obvious case of researchers not doing their home work before requesting funding for their study.
It never fails to amazes me what studies get funding, while other studies doing real science get left behind.
Big surprise aspirin is also not helpful in the treatment of these diseases either.
But aspirin and ginkgo do share the same affect of helping with blood flow in the body.

So let me quickly address the headline.
Does Ginko’s affect on the body effect memory or cognitive skills.
Most likely no, unless you are adding large doses of caffeine on sleep deprived subjects.
Or you are trying to counter poor blood flow in the brain.

And most likely it is already used in pharmaceutical company’s compounds.
Pharmaceutical company’s have DOD class security surrounding their products, manufacturing, and IP.

Comment Re:forums. (Score 2, Informative) 259

That is not completely true.
There may be local or state laws to prohibit personal UAV's in the USA.
Just as there are zoning laws for RC planes and choppers.
And lets face it, you very well fly a real plane or chopper out of your garage normally.

But there is no National laws or FAA regulations prohibiting small R/C class planes and choppers being setup as UAV's.
But I do believe at some point the FAA would get involved in an ultra light size or better UAV.
Because now your talking about real safety issues.

Comment Scifi Channel going downhill (Score 1) 798

The sad truth is that the Scifi channel has been headed downhill for awhile now.
Ever since Time Warner bought them from Ted Turner they started on a slippery slope down.
And as they have been losing the Geek audience little by little.

Then NBC - Universal bought them and it has been picking up speed on it'd down hill coarse.
And for me the final nail in the coffin was wrestling on Wednesday nights.

Now I went from watching it all the time, to only catching the shows I like.
Because most of the shows are now crap.
When people ask what killed TV and they want to blame the internet.
I say look at what the network executives have done to their networks.
TV was not so much killed, rather assisted in suicide with the help of the network exec's.

Comment Cops the good, the bad and the down right ugly (Score 1) 653

Ok I am a total geek.
I have been in to Science, computers and electronics since I was 4.
I am also a former cop, and yes I said former, blew out my foot mountain biking off duty.
I was a cop in the Air force and a campus cop.
Oh and I a a weapons geek.

So here is the deal.
Not all cops are bad, some are really great stand up guys.
But some are complete a$$hats, then again for over 15 years I have worked in the computer world, and there are a lot of a$$hats there too.
The big difference is: cops have guns, and they are held to a higher standard.
And a few bad cops can give all cops a bad name, and a bad cop is far worse then the people they put away.
Because they have broken the trust we have placed in them.

When you become a cop and put on that badge a few things should happen.
1. You make a promise to yourself and society that you will risk your life for others.
2. You will not shirk away from danger.
3. You will serve and protect the people in your jurisdiction.
4. You will always uphold the sprit of the law.
5. You will always pursue justice for the people you serve.
6. You will do your best to make sure the guy you arrest is guilty, and not screw up the bust.
7. You will not abuse your authority, or take a bribe
8. You will always use your head, and think on your feet.
9. You will never fire your weapon in an unsafe manor or situation.
10. You only shoot your firearm as a last resort.
11. You always show everyone respect to the best of your ability.
12. You will always be vigilant, and not brake the law yourself.

If you can't do those things turn in your badge, your not a good cop.

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