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Submission + - Will 2009 be The Year of the Mac? (computerworld.com)

theillien2 writes: ""Windows lost nearly a full percentage point of market share for the second month in a row in December, pushing Microsoft Corp.'s operating system to a new low, an Internet measurement company reported yesterday. Meanwhile, Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X posted a record gain that brought it close to a 10% share for the first time since Net Applications Inc. began tracking operating system use." We keep hearing about how each new year will be the Year of the Linux Desktop. All the while, Apple has been unseating more and more Windows desktops right under our noses."

Comment Re:It's 2009 (Score 0) 676

But that swings back to the other question: how can Sun prevent the community from forking? Sun may be preventing commits from outside their organization or superseding them with their own but there has to be enough people in the community to support a separate entity. Unless that is the problem at the root: the community just doesn't have the concern for OOo.

Comment Why don't we put the blame where it belongs (Score 0) 897

For years I viewed the reluctance to retool and improve things like fuel economy as the industry leaders strictly being jackasses. While that is still a significant portion of the problem let's not forget to put a large chunk of the blame where it belongs: UAW. Taking into account all the wages and benefits (including full pay for not working) the average UAW member makes $65/hour; in the name of competitive wages.

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