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Comment Re:I knew it! (Score 1) 610

That sounds a whole lot like "random," which (it seems to me) must surely mean "not subject to cause and effect."

There is no such thing as "random" in that sense. "Random" is just a way of saying something lies outside the perceptual/computational capacity of the brain. Everything in the universe is basically deterministic.

This may be true. However, we have no evidence to support such a claim. From what we can see and from what our mathematical models seem to indicate, some things, ie position/momentum, are truly random.

Comment Re:First step: Understand why women have babies. (Score 2, Insightful) 616

First why on Earth do you think we need to increase the world's population? It won't be long now before we hit 7 billion people on this rock.

Second, you are a racist. To begin with I'd want to see citation to your statistics about Europe. Further, assuming your numbers are correct, I fail to see the problem unless you believe there is something wrong with non Europeans.

Comment Re:Intelligence in animals (Score 1) 435

A few hours ago you believed educated people 500 years ago believed the Earth was flat. In reality people how known the Earth was round for thousands of years. Columbus was a fucking moron who thought he knew better than the ancient Greeks and miscalculated the size of the Earth thinking he could make it to Asia without running out of supplies. The fact that we celebrate that slave trader/mass murderer is rather disgusting.

Comment Re:I am tired of UK being a EU member (Score 1) 287

You are absolutely correct. US culture is directly descended from English culture. US law and our political system is directly descended from English politics and law.

Immigrants to the US did bring their culture with them and it has influenced US culture as a whole but the foundation is solidly English.

Comment Re:Politics of health care (Score 1) 1064

The McCain plan would essentially mean employers would not be able to afford to provide health insurance to employees so employees would have to buy the insurance themselves. A $5000 tax credit isn't enough to get insurance with, especially when you consider that you've lost a great deal of bargining power. It would hurt competiton severely. Why? The average person does not have the time or likely the skill to find the best available insurer. People would get screwed left and right and there would be naught that they could do. Our current system may be deeply flawed but McCain's plan, not that it would have ever gotten off the ground even if he'd been elected, would have utterly killed our healthcare system.

Comment Re:OK, let's pretend they have a point for a minut (Score 1) 133

No, there is no such law. It is a voluntary restriction that retailers impose upon themselves. All such laws, for movies or video games, that have been passed previously have been struck down in courts. The same thing will almost certainly happen if this NY law gets passed as similar laws in NY have been passed and killed by the courts.

Comment Re:heh (Score 1) 715

Well, if conservatives and libertarians had their way, OSHA would disappear.

Get rid of unions and no, we won't be back to the turn of the 20th century over night, but we very may well would be in a decade.

For instance, if the UAW were to disappear auto workers in current non UAW shops who make marginally less than the unionized ones would see their wages and benefits cut rather quickly. Their benefits and wages are maintained at their current levels so they don't have incentives to unionize. No threat of unionization, no reason for management to pay them 25 or so bucks an hour plus benefits.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm missing something here (Score 1) 409

The problem is that the question of whether it was a statement of opinion or fact is what needs to be adjudicated. The text in question doesn't say "I believe" or I think"; it says it isthe dirtiest restaurant he's ever seen. The wording is ambiguous - if taken literally, the Plaintiff would need to find the other restaurants the defendant has seen and compare filth levels. If they find one that's dirtier, then the defendant was stating an untruth. Or it could just be an opinion. But that's what the case was about. I don't say the case has merit, but it's there.

As for 1st amendment considerations, it wasn't political speech or the other categories most often associated with it.

No, it say it is one 'of the most dirty and unsanitary-looking food-service places I have seen.' That is clearly an opinion.

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