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Comment Embedded Systems (Score 1) 559

Given the fact that many microprocessors can be found in the home in everyday objects, it's obvious that "Too many" is the main choice for most people.

In that regard the poll is unclear, as I am not sure if it's referencing PC-based microprocessors or those found in any embedded system within the household, which probably includes most household appliances to the extent that more than 10 is very, very likely.

But I can't really say "too many" considering all the appliances and electronic devices we use day-to-day which, while not necessary, certainly can act to make our lives easier.

Comment Fallacious Title (Score 1) 987

I am not one usually to complain about titles or editors or any of the other Slashdot memes, but this title is a crock of shit. How misleading can it get? Not only did he not post Assange's bail, he didn't even offer the full amount!

Given the importance of the headline in advertising the story, I find it a piss poor and inane choice.

My two cents.

Comment Status of Passengers (Score 1) 512

Just in...


- Ted Stevens
- Theron "Terry" Smith (pilot)
- William "Bill" Phillips, Sr.
- Dana Tindall (GCI's Senior Vice President, Legal, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs)
- Corey Tindall (Dana's 16 yro daughter)

- Sean O'Keefe (broken pelvis supposedly)
- O'Keefe's son (leg injury supposedly).
- William "Willy" Phillips, Jr. (13 yro)
- Jim Morhard

Compiled from recent press releases and Rick's List on CNN which showed the transcript.

Comment Solution (Score 1) 75

Used a standard, fake email address when I submitted my complaint. Though I just as easily could have used one of my inactive accounts.

Maybe that makes my complaint less valid in their eyes, but it helps avoid situations like this for me whilst still allowing me to at least (have the illusion of?) have my voice heard.

Comment Re:I see you, You see me (Score 1) 833

They are doing that for anyone who posts on the forum. Supposedly community MVPs are not happy about it and even some Blues who have used their names have had their personal details leaked onto pages in minutes thanks to 4chan. This is a debacle for Blizzard and their banhammers will be busy long into the night.

Comment Re:Blizz forums (Score 0) 833

I know you're probably just trying to be funny, but this is pretty serious. I can't imagine many will stick around after this change is implemented and given that fact the official community won't be around all that much longer. Of course there are trolls but to attempt to get rid of them by throwing the "baby out with the bathwater" so to speak, is a far worse idea.

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