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Comment Re:CGN will kill content providers (Score 1) 583

The websites I frequent are not reliant on ad-revenue, and those that are are easily replaced with ad-free alternatives that have existed for years, if not decades.

You visit Slashdot (obviously) and you mention Facebook and Google. There are three sites right there that *are* reliant on ad revenue, so you might want to rethink the above statement. And two of those three rely on IP for geolocation. It's not the most precise way to do it, but it works.

Comment Re:CGN will kill content providers (Score 1) 583

I don't get your "You think that the carriers are going to let them?" comment. Carriers love it when CDNs want to park a server inside their network. Ads are no different: less traffic through the external tube, faster load times for customers.

I think you woefully underestimate the kind of data the ad network would need from the carrier to make that work. And somehow I doubt the carrier is gonna do that for free. So yeah, this is still going to kill the content providers.

CGN is just epic fail. And that's just one reason.

Comment Re:CGN will kill content providers (Score 1) 583

They just move the ad servers into the carrier address realm. Nice try, though...

You actually think that everyone who operates an ad network is going to put proxy servers inside the carrier's network, before the CGN? You think that the carriers are going to let them? I guess you picked the wrong day to stop smoking crack, huh?

Comment CGN will kill content providers (Score 1) 583

Your IP address is a large part of being able to serve you relevant content, and more importantly relevant ads. If all of Comcast were, for example, to appear from one /24 then all of a sudden the ability of the content providers to target ads based on location would be done. And don't underestimate what the value in that is.

If you go ahead and say "Well, good, I don't like ads anyway" then realize this - content isn't free. It costs money for big ass datacenters to serve your page view. So take away the ability of the content providers to make money and they'll go away quickly. And then you won't have any content to view in the first place.

Comment Re:Bad, Bad Idea (Score 4, Insightful) 495

When people say "not a team player" in this context what it really means is that they won't overwork themselves in order to increase the value for equity holders. In other words, they aren't willing to give you what you haven't paid for.

Unless you have a huge equity stake then don't bother being a "team player". Because your "coach" will cut you from the team without a second thought. One way loyalty isn't loyalty.

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