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Comment Re:I Like Unity (Score 1) 441

I've tried working with tabs for terminals but it doesn't really suit me. For a start it compounds the issue, first you have to alt-tab to the the terminal, then you have the select the correct tab. If I'm using screen then thats 3 layers and will get really confusing. But on top of that I often like having two tabs side by side if I'm using vim for instance. I also move terminals between virtual desktops depending on my work flow which is more a pain when they are in tabs.

So far everyone who has replied with suggestions as to how to make the terminals easy to see (and thank you for the suggestions, I'll look at implementing some), but the problem is with many programs that I use and obviously they can't all be customised like a terminal can.

Comment Re:I Like Unity (Score 2) 441

My main problem is having multiple of the same program open, ie. 6 terminals. I can't work out how to select the one I want, Alt-tabbing (or alt `) shows them as small previews but terminals look very similar, and the title bar on the bottom even more so if you have multiple ssh sessions open. Previously I just knew positionally on the task bar which was which.

Has anyone else found a way to work round this? I'm starting to get far too frustrated and am close to switching to XFCE.

Comment Re:Low level radiation (Score 1) 140

And while hormesis is not the topic of TFA...

Did you actually read TFA? Since it did cover hormesis.

Hormesis theory

Demonstration of a quasi-threshold would be unlikely to assuage those who abhor radiation-producing technology on existential grounds, but it might eventually affect regulations and overall opinion. The radiation hormesis theory—that some radiation is beneficial—would provide more comfort, if it could be demonstrated. The best evidence for this concept in humans can be found in national data on home radon measurements and lung cancer rates at the county level. However, the reliance on cancer data aggregated to the county level has been roundly criticized by epidemiologists (Lubin, 2002). Results from more sophisticated epidemiologic studies of the same association do show the expected dose response when individual cancers are matched to dose (Darby et al., 2005; Krewski et al., 2006).

Though it still is a pet topic of enterprising journalists, the radiation hormesis theory is no longer of much interest to researchers. The BEIR VII report, published in 2006, discounted the concept; the French Academy of Sciences took it more seriously, while discounting other evidence that suggests the response might be supralinear at low doses.

Given the increase in radiation from medical diagnostics and the interest in protracted exposure, the possible existence of a threshold or hormetic effect for public policy appears to be a moot issue for developed countries when it comes to future exposures. Even if the level of medical diagnostic exposures does not increase in the future, over the course of 40 years most people in developed countries will receive an average of 0.1 Sv from medical procedures, alone. With this in mind as a dose starting point for millions of people, it is fair to say that any exposure to radioactive elements from a nuclear accident or a dirty bomb would definitely contribute to their delayed cancer risk.

Comment Re:To much foam (Score 2) 48

It was quite telling when he said "It's very foamy today" in a slightly embarrassed voice as if he knew that always happens but didn't want to give that impression.

This is also one of the few times when the comments on youtube are not rabid and insulting, to the point that they are even trying to help!

Yes the line was empty, but I fear he will always have this problem with that flow rate and the location of the solenoids. For a more smooth pour I recommend that he use bottle fillers. They fill from the bottom. I would be much more impressed if there were sensors detecting the size of glass, quality of pour via camera thermometers etc.

screamingservers in reply to Micah Munger 5 hours ago

The analysis of the location of the solenoids is mostly where the problem coming from. In my experience with building kegerators, I have found issues with the gas getting knocked out of solution causing foam up in the lines when placing any kind of intermediary connection away from the tap itself. If he made the line from the tap to the solenoid almost nothing, then it would likely become almost a non-issue.

majostm in reply to screamingservers 1 hour ago

Comment Re:paranoid nanny state (Score 2) 395

Ok, I went to the pains of finding the original pdf, its hard to find as the original link is 404 but you can find it here

Now you linked to the daily mail, otherwise know as the daily hate. To show the bias read its article on the survey versus this one and you will see the hate filled anger the daily mail is going for.

The headline of the daily mail article is

Almost a quarter of Muslims believe 7/7 was justified

but the question asked in the survey was

To what extent do you agree that the July bombings were justified because of British support for the war on terror?

(To which 11% strongly agreed, 11% tended to agree, with it saying all agree was 22%. I don't know where they got the 24% I think maybe channel 4 shifted the figures slightly for some reason).

Now as you can see the question is not as the title of the article suggests, "Do you believe the July bombings are justified?" but "...were justified because of British support for the war on terror?".

This is really badly worded, I can read it to mean did the bombers justify it because of the British support for the war on terror, in which case I would also agree with this statement. I'm not saying everyone who read the question interpreted it that way but I'm sure some did.

On doing a little reading around this study, I found this blog and specifically this comment, that reflects my views on it, I'll the relevant part below

Posted by: Bernard Bumner Author Profile Page | October 7, 2009 5:53 AM

If, on the other hand, you are using this to support your case:

To what extent do you agree that the July bombings were justified because of British support for the war on terror?

22% All Agree

Then I would have to say that I don't really understand the question - the bombers certainly justified their unjust actions by reference to British support fo the war on terror.

It is an ambiguous question. I suspect that many people were expressing support for the bombers, but I cannot reasonably conclude that it is all of that 22% of respondents, and in the absence of properly published methodology and data, I certainly wouldn't extrapolate this to represent British Muslims as a whole.

Actually, the presentation of that survey data is rather worrying, because it conflates (via proximity) the 7/7 bombings (the qeustion above) with what could easily be benign insight into social discord; 13% of respondents agreeing that,

I can understand why young British Muslims might want to carry out suiceide [sic] operations

At the same time, offering up the absolutely meaningless:

It is acceptable for religious or political groups to use violence

(Which only 9% agree with, and tends to cast further doubt on the idea that 22% agree with the actions of the 7/7 bombers).

It be blunt, it is not well-presented data, and is therefore difficult to draw conclusions from.

On other matters: I'm not sure why anybody on this thread would assume that anti-semite, Holocaust denier, and convicted racist Nick Griffin is not a racist leader of a racist political party.

Comment Re:paranoid nanny state (Score 5, Informative) 395

I followed the link you posted. For the 24% figure it linked to the financial times.

Here is what it said:

Fewer than five per cent of Muslims polled believed they should separate themselves from non-Muslims, and fewer than 10 per cent believed it was acceptable for religious or political groups to use violence for political ends.


Almost 80 per cent agreed that the attacks on the London Underground in July 2005 had damaged the image of Muslims in Britain.

Hardly as as damning as you suggested. The right wing media in the UK has been doing its up most to portray Muslims as the enemies of the "truly British" white majority. I'm not saying there is no issues with Muslims in Britain, but anything negative written about them needs to be read with a whole heap of salt.

Comment Re:Eliminates *all* the drawbacks to glass? (Score 1) 199

Lets say you made glass so durable that it wouldn't fracture when hit with a hammer, then you might not want to use that glass in an emergency box which says,"In case of emergency, smash glass"

That reminds me of Starship Titanic (the game). At one point you have to break some emergency glass to get a long stick, if you keep breaking the glass the ship informs you that it has now replaced it with unbreakable emergency glass to stop you. Must have used this stuff.

Comment Re:The fundamental differnence between companies (Score 1) 230

There's a difference between an iPhone and an iPad? They're the same thing in a different form factor. Hell, the iPod isn't that much different itself. If you count them as different product lines, you might as well count Microsoft's Home/Pro (or whatever they are this time round) versions as different product lines - there's about as much distinction.

As much as I'd like to agree with you, if they are the same product why do people buy one of each rather than just make do with one or the other?

Comment Re:Too late (Score 2) 197

Certainly true in the uk, and its own hierarchy is well used. Companies tend to sit on ie. The Guardian (although companies are the ones most likely to go elsewhere if needed), universities sit on i.e. University Of Manchester, health related sit on i.e. NHS Direct, charities seem to sit on i.e. The Mens Health Forum, and government websites sit on i.e.HRMC

True there are people who abuse it, but generally you can be assured that if you are on for example, it really is an academic institute you are on and not some fraudulent university.

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