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Comment Re:No (Score 0) 456

I recall the satellite photos being pictures of trucks outside of buildings along with insinuations that Hussein had WMDs and he was in league with Al Quaeda, despite a British Intelligence report stating "al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden views Iraq's ruling Ba'ath party as running contrary to his religion, calling it an 'apostate regime," and "[Bin Laden']s aims are in ideological conflict with present day Iraq." Even prior to the invasion, anyone with a functioning brain stem knew that they were lying their asses off to drag us into a war.

Comment Re:thought police (Score 0) 397

Ads like the McDonald's ad were two 6 year old children play familty, with the girl cooking dinner for their pretend-child (a doll) and giving the boy a good bye-kiss when he, dressed in suit, leave to go to work, that's the kind of ads that are punished according to this law.

If the boy were to be cooking dinner, and the girl were to be dressed in a suit going to work, would it still be punished?

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