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Comment As a member of the Pirate Party of Canada... (Score 5, Informative) 394

I'd like to note that the summary is not entirely correct.

We are not saying that people should have the right to copy whatever they like, despite what public opinion might be. Copyright is an important tool for innovation, we just think that it has gone too far (death + 50 years? Come on!). That does not mean that everyone should be allowed to download as much music/movies/etc. as they want. On top of that, we are not saying "phase out patents." There are some members of our forums that are saying that, but it does not reflect the entire Pirate Party's desires.

Other than that, the summary is right.

Submission + - Pirate Party of Canada

Conrad Mazian writes: ""With the success of Sweden's Pirate Party echoing loudly, and the likes of George W. Harper running the country, with look-alike Libs in the background, it's long gone time Canada joined the Pirate Party Club."

So it was said on P2PNET. The response was the forming of The Pirate Party of Canada and the launching of the new party's website, forums, Facebook Group, etc. There's now a rumour that Tim Hortons, the Canadian national supplier of hot caffeine is going to introduce a Pirate branded Donut in support."

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