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Comment Re:Flash SSD has Write Limitations so... (Score 2) 510

From what I understand, SSD die because of "write-burnout" if they are FLASH based and from what I understand the majority of SSDs are flashed based now. So while I haven't actually had a drive fail on me, I assume that I would be able to still read data off a failing drive and restore it, making it an ideal failure path. I did a google search and found a good article on the issue: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/data-recovered-failed-ssd/

Which is why you can do the same from a failed usb flash drive?

It's a nice theory, but it's highly dependent on the controller.

Comment Re:They shrink (Score 1) 510

The drives will shrink down to nothing. I believe that the drive controller considers a sector dead after 100,000 writes.

Filesystems, generally speaking, aren't resilient to the underlying disk geometry changing after they've been laid down. There's reserved space to replace bad cells as they start to die, but the disk won't shrink. Eventually, though, you get parts of the disk dying in an unrecoverable way and the drive is toast.

Yup, I had a 2nd gen kingston die. Ever had a flash drive go bad? Unless you buy one with a decent controller (sandforce, intel) then you'll have the same experience when your ssd dies.

Comment Re:Calm before the hyperbole (Score 0) 566

Before anyone starts jumping on Fox News for whatever axe they have to grind with them, please substitute Fox News with "CNN" or "MSNBC" and ask yourself if your vitriol would be just the same.

No, I blame fully blame fox. They claim to be a professional organization, when they're clearly not acting professionally most of the time. So when they don't do their job properly, it should be punished.

If an unlicensed doctor was performing surgery correctly, they'd get in trouble. But if they did it wrong? They'd get skewered.

Comment Re:Simple Answers Are Best (Score 1) 383

Version Control for code is exactly like accounting software for money. Without accounting, your business would fail as it becomes more complex. Eventually, without version control, the process of building software will fail as development becomes more complex.

This is an awesome answer.

Just saying.

Comment Re:Interesting, very interesting +1 (Score 1) 396

I've become bored and annoyed with an ecosystem that relies on hack upon hack just to keep your phone useful after a year.

Then buy something super-common and well supported. It doesn't have to be a nexus device, but that's a good choice. Because the only way you get stuck using hacks to keep your phone current is to buy a phone so obscure that NO ONE will port the latest stable cyanogenmod. I mean, honestly? My 2 year old "free with contract" android phone had an update to 4.0 before I sold it a few months back. It has had cyanogenmod support since I bought it.

I just made sure I didn't buy the most obscure, unknown phone out there. It's called "making a smart buying decision". Maybe you think the WP8 phone will fix that problem for you... but android is the only phone that gets frequent updates on unsupported phones. Don't look at apple, they don't do it. And the other phone options ... Blackberry? Or Symbian? Or WebOS? PalmOS? ... really.

Comment Re:I think the OP mentioned self-employment (Score 2) 292

When I'm at the workplace this is different. I am motivated and disciplined. I'm at the place where it is expected to work, and that's what I do. Also there's a clear border, when I'm home my workday is over and I don't have to worry about it.

Really? You suffer from motivation problems? You don't want to work when you don't have to?

Listen, I'm not against accommodations. But what you describe is the EXACT SAME THING everyone else deals with on a day-to-day basis. If you get special accommodations because you find it hard to work, I want them too. Why is your situation different from mine? Because of an internal mental state that can't be directly observed? So I'm denied support because I'm trying harder to keep my sh*t together?

Mental illness is a serious issue. Please treat it seriously. IF you don't want to work, don't blame circumstances outside of your control.

Comment Re:Exit Interviews are always flowery (Score 0) 550

You never know what their motives are and they can put you in jail.

Right. And in America, you shouldn't talk to anyone. They could be carrying a gun, and you never know what their motives are - they could shoot you. Oh, and don't drive on the roads, you don't know what the motives of the other drivers are - they could hit you. And don't have sexy-time with your wife, you never know what her motives are - she could give you aids. And don't talk to your parents, you never know what their motives are, they could touch you in a bad place.

Seriously, your argument is flawed on so many levels. Come back to the discussion after you've graduated primary school.

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