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Comment Re: Rreasonable response (Score 1) 461

The book has been in beta as an ebook for about a year. I admit I was one if those beta readers, alas I never actually got around to opening it. The hard copy version is sitting on my dining room table right now glaring at me.

I guess I should actually read it at some stage.

Comment Re:Metro UI (Score 1, Flamebait) 467

You obviously don't know anyone with kids then. I'd say pretty much every household I visit has at least one iPad (often 1 per child). Add to that a plethora of iPod Touches and iPad minis. Go to any airport lounge and you'll see more iPads than you can poke a shitty stick at. I guess it's because I live in a first world country though.

Comment A mete 33 years later (Score 1) 587

The first computer I ever coded on was an IBM System 470 (in 1980, i was in High School and they had a deal with the Angle Park Computing Centre) and I believe it had a massive 4K of memory. My current iMac has 16GB of RAM and the new one being bought for me for my new job will have 32GB of RAM. The System 470 had tape drives which held 512K per tape. My iMac has 3TB internal fusion drive + another 6 TB of Thunderbolt drives attached to it. The System 470 had no graphics at all, just a paper card reader and printer. The iMac has a 2GB Graphics card.

Comment Well of course (Score 1) 297

No special laws needed for this. If you earn $1 you pay income tax on it in most countries I'm sure. The govt doesn't care what currency you earn in. And capital gains are still capital gains, and thus taxable income, again, no matter the currency.

I've not heard anyone talking up Bitcoin as a means to evade legitimate taxes.

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