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Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 71

Exactly. This is yet another way to get ever more biometric data --- Hello to anyone who's been using thumb-print sensors on their phone in the last 2-4 years.

However, we shouldn't shit on Apple too much; they took some good notes from Facebook and Snapchat. Facial recognition machine learning + image processing is F huge and super polished these days. The pile of selling-point data that another people, companies and businesses want is now instant human body language reaction to their product. Forever, we all think that, super generically, product interest is driven by being ad-bombed or we navigate or drive ourselves there. But just because you went to it, doesn't truly garner a real 'like' to anything --- what if you could 'see' if someone smiled, grinned, made googley-eyes at the millisecond the ad for that widget went by? That right there is what we're talking about and way more.

In all of this, we are the product, ladies and gentlemen. And as long as we all keep drooling over this shit with millennial reactions of everything being amazing or a game changer and gotta have it, we're fucked.

I wish my phone was just-a-phone again.

Comment Perceived latency? Isn't waiting... waiting? (Score 3, Interesting) 50

Maybe there is some bigger engineering brains, but if we're battling perceived latency by blocking/waiting for a database query or something upstream, whether is a REST service or what-the-F-ever, aren't we still blocking/waiting but now handling an intermediate response? Anything backend is going to have to prioritize shipping out constant '103's to clients, then how many to do handle and block for until we get our payload and '200'? Does this extend timeouts even longer? This actually changes ALOT of how any of us know the handshaking of HTTP is today if it's across the board and not for specific requests in header. Outside of that drivel of a thought, I can see a ton of man-in-the-middle hijacking or DDOS going on here with any sort of intermediate 'hey-hold-on-a-second' step in this handshake.

I'm like the rest of the opinions here, this seems like a vote to work-around how bloaty, complex and javascript laden and ad-network-revenue driven this is proposal is.

Comment Re:Enders Game (Score 5, Interesting) 216

BINGO! I was just going to say the same thing. This is straight out of Orson Scott Card realm. Not surprised by any of this, we're already seeing already for YEARS with the Air Force marketing drone operators as 'video game playing'.

I'm not a true gamer by definition and levels of this, but the amount of Counter Strike, Half Life, Battlefield, Call of Duty and a like I've seen my college friends of old play in groups (a la LAN parties) and all that televised stuff now --- that game play and engines backing that are remarkably polished, realistic and the tactical intuition you develop would no doubt be a transferable skill for any future warfare.

When I did my time in the service, I remember vividly remember the SNES MACS setup being a huge marketing tool at our unit and booths. It was a recruiters wet dream to bring in kids "hey you like Super Mario World, try this!" shit. Then, I remember being deployed to the motherland of Iraq for a stint in early 2000's, the name of the device in our up-armoured HMMWV's ran embedded Windows CE with a GPS and a few other sensors, then back in Kuwait or some of those master command camp areas, General's had all those up on a huge zoom-in map interface projected on a big 30-40' wall and would use that for surge and placement like they were playing 'Risk'.

Comment Would the subject should be is... (Score 0) 221

42% of Americans Under 8 Have a... Digital Device to Do Parenting and Handle Any Amount of Attention for them so they can dabble on their device(s). Shameless, really.

Reminds me of a Geoff Ryman sci-fi short I just listened to not too long ago about BESTsi doing all-things-parenting because mom was to pre-occupied with her own life.

Comment Rotten Tomatoes is manufactured eye candy (Score 1) 173

I agree with this movie critic for sure. I used to be an avid Rotten Tomatoes review scourer and I stopped doing it, but not for a lot of the reasons that critic outlined, except for the general term of: the internet.

Rotten Tomatoes, to me, turned into yet another platform for everyone to try and stand on to write the best blog-vlog-journalistic-thesaurus-oozing cute-and-clever one-liner with a very binary representation: to tell me how amazing and awesome an average movie really was or to shit on it on in epic proportions to get some head turning attention. That's it.

It just started to be less of a trusted second opinion and more of a flap-jack race for people to get a word out on a platform. Not using or reading RT has turned my life back into my younger adult years of the 90's: I watched or caught a trailer, and next and only decision was: is this prime-time evening price worth or matinee? After that, if it sucked, then it sucked. If it was average, it was average. If it exceeded my expectations, I bought the VHS/DVD/Blu-ray or streaming copy (now).

Comment ADHD Morons (Score 4, Insightful) 92

If you can't read an article because some of the text is tinted blue you have bigger problems. I hope you never have to read a scholarly article with all those distracting footnotes. Providing links to enable people to get more information is a huge boon, and you can easily ignore the links if the summary in the article was sufficient for your level of interest, or you are already steeped in the previous writings on the subject. In the later case it is much easier to skip over a single blue link than to have to skim paragraphs and paragraphs of information you already read the last time the issue was reported on to get to the kernel of new information, which is what reading the news used to be like (and don't get me started on inverted pyramid writing style - thank god that has all but died).

Comment This stuff needs to END - whats wrong with ppl? (Score 3, Insightful) 1219

This is a whole new level of insanity I just cannot wrap my head around. I just don't understand the mentality or whacked-out level of disgruntlement, depression and motive it takes to want to walk into a concert and mow human beings down with an assault rifle (I presume), then have your own life taken. That in itself, minus the news-fed death toll that's rising as I type this, is a tragedy.

It's just downright scary as fuck anymore to go to any public event. I look at the school shootings from the late 1990's and 2000's, that 'joker' impersonator who took lives at the Batman movie premiere, Boston marathon bombings, the Ariana Grande concert in London as of late, and now at a fucking Country music concert at Las Vegas? Talk about wanting to just stay at home anymore. Living in the United States or not, I think anyone is going to start second-guessing

Point I'm getting at is, one life or a million lives, this insider-thread-homeland or organization-led terrorism shit happens every day on scales that blow my mind. I wish that it all made headlines so we'd, as a world of people, would figure out how to handle it. Because it's not right or just, and even though this is making huge headlines, we sure don't blink more than once at headlines for any war-torn country where a car bomb erases hundreds of lives --- and that's just as terrorism-led and tragic. We need to stop minimizing it and come together to end this type of behavior.

It's honestly sad and I'd be the first one to say, the more and more this happens, the less and less I seem to find an answer to any of it.

Comment All the new word-smith phrases for getting DDOS'd? (Score 2) 74

Are these airline information systems really all that fragile in this sector? I know we all say that, but I personally don't have a F clue; I'm 100% media driven on this from what I read, consume or read-between-the-lines. I'm hoping someone close to this could chime in or reply...

With any one of us with any moderate amount of IT experience in the trenches and at any level that's support any ops or for-profit system, It's hard to dismiss a generic statement such as network issue. I know management I've worked under in the past at other organizations, private and government, would pre-can some huggable and down-played message like that --- and I totally get it; it's embarrassing on any level for any end-user disruption, but we'll never know why.

With the amount of breaches, DDOS's and what seems like this popular resurrection of using the word 'Hacking' like we are all hoping a Hackers reunion happens with Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie is just nauseating, but a very true reality anymore with the lack of implementation over security practices.

Comment I don't understand how this will help (Score 1) 50

I thought that the problem with the Facebook BSD+Patent license was that they granted you a patent license, but would revoke it if you sued them for patent infringement (even if completely unrelated to the software in question). This new license doesn't grant any patent license at all, so how is that better?

Comment All Forecasting Rubbish... kind of (Score 1) 72

My subject is just mass skepticism mixed with a bad science and forecasting model coupled with some sick conspiracy to get people who live in the Northern US to stay up until the wee hours again like we all did in July 2017! This is even more bleak than last time based on their description.

I will say: Why the heck is 'upper tier of the US' and 'areas of the US' even advertised in this article? That's garbage. Upper tier is Minnesota, North and some of South Dakota, Montana and anything else directly east and west of those and certainly not anymore south than Nebraska as best. Did geography change overnight? The only thing I see is Alaska and that's never been considered 'CONUS' last time I knew. I guess when the 'US' is said, I think CONUS --- we all know Hawaii and Alaska are part of the US but outlying.

Man, whoever is writing this Aurora news lately really wants to make a story out of it.

Comment Obviously less processed == better all around (Score 1) 477

I think this is a HUGE misnomer in forever it seems like when it comes to diets --- but really we should call them 'lifestyle eating habits'. I'd say buy and large, most people eat like complete assholes because it's convenient. What's easier going to a restaurant or cooking yourself a healthy meal? I'd even go a step further, what's cheaper? A restaurant or buying your healthy meal at a grocery store? It's not a trick question, anyone who has, leads or carries out any sort of modesty and good eating habits will tell you it's expensive to keep up with buying raw fruits and vegetables (organic to boot) and stay on budget with it. (that's if you don't have a community garden, access to a farmers market that's reasonable or something of your own to offset it a bit)

A lot of daily diets leads to common sense IMHO. I can't speak for other countries, but in the US, I know any health class I took in grade/high school and undergrad taught me any raw vegetables, grains and fruits that are high in fiber carry out cholesterol out of the body. So you balance it --- that doesn't mean you eat the shit out of foods that are highly set in saturated/trans (e.g. processed foods most of the time) because you ate a single carrot stick. It's all in moderation and balance. These studies seem obvious over the general haul of health education any common person has --- it's too bad most don't follow it.

Eat to live. Not live to eat.

Comment Hard to change the 'free app' as-a-service culture (Score 1) 72

This is totally preaching to the choir here, but sooner or later, everyone needs to come under the realization that your data is worth a TON of dollars. What's better with today's tech, than build you a whiz-bang service for 'free' and how do you think it remains 'free'? Situations exactly like this. It's a completely massive intangible but highly potent asset anyone starting any established or startup company wants to have.

As long as everyone keeps making a quick popular trend of these types of services wrapped around mobile app obfuscation, it won't ever end. At the end of the day with these companies, it matters very little what type of shit they are selling, it's all about what they are getting or can get to. The 'phone' these days is the most personal damn thing any one of us suckers use anymore, right?

Comment Ton of respect for the field, why water it down? (Score 3, Interesting) 179

I hope I am not in the minority with this, but I honestly enjoyed the concept of Dev/Code Bootcamps. I've had an internal philosophy that no matter what 'career' you do (to some extent, so let's not anon-troll that, please) or hobbies/interests, development skills in some programming language would help you. And if you want to make a career out of it, even better!

However, that being said, I'm also a firm believer in experience over quick buzzy skills any day of the week, 100% of the time. All I viewed this as was a way to 1) make a non-profit for gains in big dollars on the business side (WTF WOULDNT want a successful non-profit) and 2) water-down a field that, in my opinion, should NOT be watered down.

Software engineering/development, bridging advanced mathematics (e.g. linear algebra, calculus, etc.) takes an EXTREME amount of well-rounded background in all things computing, skills and investing into yourself, your study, your craft. It's the field I work in, respect and make a living in. I feel like a chimp in shadows of some truly gifted software developers I've met and worked with in my past and I've been doing this for almost 15 years professionally now. Those people didn't get there by taking a quick 4 week crasher on the shiny-new-topic, whizbang a resume with a thesaurus and try to land a $100K gig for 6 months to build a 'previous employment' line-item they could wow the next place into hiring them on.

It's sad from the ideology of it, but if this is the direction it's going, I'm not totally heartbroken either from the glass-half-empty perspective.

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