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Research Suggests E-Readers Are "Too Easy" To Read 185

New research suggests that the clear screens and easily read fonts of e-readers makes your brain "lazy." According to Neuroscience blogger Jonah Lehrer, using electronic books like the Kindle and Sony Reader makes you less likely to remember what you have read because the devices are so easy on the eyes. From the article: "Rather than making things clearer, e-readers and computers prevent us from absorbing information because their crisp screens and fonts tell our subconscious that the words they convey are not important, it is claimed. In contrast, handwriting and fonts that are more challenging to read signal to the brain that the content of the message is important and worth remembering, experts say."

Tales From the Tech Trenches 99

GMGruman writes "Anyone in IT has a story or two involving stupid users, crazy co-workers, kludgy technology, and airhead managers. Lisa Blackwelder has collected top tales of the tech trenches, covering user antics, office politics, and unusual technical challenges that IT pros faced (usually) with aplomb, insight, and savvy."
PlayStation (Games)

PS3 Jailbreak Now Legal In Spain 113

deek writes "Spanish gamer site have reported that it's now legal to sell the PS3 Jailbreak modchip in Spain (Google translation of Spanish original). According to the article, one reason for the legal ruling is because Sony removed the ability to run GNU/Linux on the console. One can only wonder if Sony will soon rush out a firmware update that will re-enable the OtherOS feature, and appeal the court decision. Oh the irony of that thought. The legal ruling was made on the 13th December (Google translation). There are only 5 days to appeal, starting from that date."

Comment Re:I give up (Score 1) 470

Here in N.Battleford we have a a few techs that work at the hospital. There are a couple computer shops, also a couple consulting places. On top of that a small college. Also if you include the two school districts that adds another 7~. There isn't alot but definitely enough to keep 20~ guys busy. There could be more that I'm not even aware of.

Comment Re:I'd rather make peanuts telecommuting (Score 1) 470

Personally I have noticed smaller towns to be overrun with crack/meth houses and all the sex \ crime / and domestic abuse that you hear about from big cities. It happens on a larger scale "per capita" by a huge scale. The big cities have all the programs and resources to combat that kind of thing. Small town gov bare shows up for work during the week.

Yes, but we aren't talking about North Battleford now.... We are talking about towns what have 2k ~ people. Just because North Battleford is one of the worst towns in Canada for certain types of crimes doesn't mean we have to think all towns like it are similar. Ok who am I kidding most of Saskatchewan is bad... oh well....

Comment Sounds good to me! (Score 1) 470

If I wasn't working where I am now I would go for something like this. It would be nice, wake up early go shoot some gophers. Go through the morning, go eat lunch and shoot more gophers. Go back to work then go home, shoot some more gophers. Dam that sounds like the life. I could also walk to work, hardly no traffic, and a great place for kids to grow up. Sounds like my kind of life.

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