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Comment Re:Cue in fucktard sopssa trolling in 3, 2, 1, ... (Score 0, Offtopic) 260

First, reading comprehension. He didn't say that Apple doesn't invest in R&D. He just stated some assumption about what Microsoft does, and said "Apple does nothing like that." I think that statement is probably false, and probably a troll, but what you said is demonstrably false. And a troll :)

Second, don't be a jackass.


Submission + - Followup: iPhone 4's display is about (discovermagazine.com)

The Bad Astronomer writes: "AT WWDC, Steve Jobs claimed that the iPhone 4's display has about the same resolution as the human eye — held at one foot away, the iPhone 4's pixels are too small to see. After reading an earlier Slashdot post about an expert disputing Jobs' claim, I decided to run the numbers myself. I found that Jobs is correct for people with normal vision, and the expert was using numbers for theoretically perfect vision. So to most people, the iPhone 4 display will look unpixellated."

Comment poor use of "or" (Score 1, Troll) 1213

"Is my company alone in wanting to stay in the 1990s or is Window 7 the way forward?"

Uh... yes? no?

The OR version of "or" that computer scientists creates a question for which the answer provides little relevant information. The XOR version of "or" that is the popular meaning in spoken english has similar problems.

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