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Comment I would be happy to pay (Score 1) 204

One/two dollar(s) per month to have a Facebook NOT sell my personal information. That would be much more than what Facebook is making per user at the moment (3.7B$ in revenue with ~800 million users in 2011). However, this feature would implicitly acknowledge to the public that they are selling your information. This is something that everybody sort of knows, but perhaps they don't want to make it clear.

Comment Re:Well what about this ? (Score 1) 622

A Slashdot-like service should be integrated in the patent review system. It appears to me that, every time there is a new software patent that makes it on Slashdot, in a matter of minutes somebody will find some relevant and non-trivial prior art. Just like the parent poster and others around did. I think that a patent should be pre-issued and be in an informal "challenge" phase. In this phase, the patent could be set up on a moderated website like Slashdot where people can point out the relevant prior art. If the patent remains unchallenged it can be granted, otherwise the patent office can take a couple more days to analyse the top "challengers".

I know that, theoretically, a system like this is already in place, since after the patent is granted it can be challenged in a court of law. However, this system is prone to abuse and too expensive.

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