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Comment Re:Well, let's see how Google fixes this (Score 1) 85

From the article:

"The vulnerability affects any Linux Kernel version 3.8 and higher. SMEP & SMAP will make it difficult to exploit as well as SELinux on android devices. Maybe we’ll talk about tricks to bypass those mitigation in upcoming blogs, anyway the most important thing for now is to patch it as soon as you can."

SELinux makes it difficult, but they're going to tell you how to get around it once it's fixed.

SELinux doesn't block access to this vulnerability, it merely makes exploitation more complex.

Comment Re:What did they expect? (Score 1) 456

Many would argue that what they're doing isn't legal, it just isn't completely illegal depending on how you look at it.

They're selling their IP to the new holding company (in Ireland/etc) for close to $0. If you attempted to do this, for example setting up a C corp, having said C corp buy your own house for $50 and showing a capital gains loss on your personal sheet, funnelling all of your income into this C corp, and then paying yourself nothing and using the "profits" (your income) through the C corp to support yourself as reinvestment, you would be taken to court.

The reason they get away with it is because there's no way to prove what their IP was worth since it was never on the open market. None of the iPhone IP was developed in Ireland, but the irish company bought the rights to all of that IP for essentially nothing, then relicenses it to the other Apple companies in each country for huge amounts of $$.

Comment Re:PS4 Drive Replaceable (Score 1) 106

You are fairly misinformed.

1. The PS3 could save data to usb, but could not save installed games to USB.

2. Both consoles (PS4 and xbone) come with fairly slow 2.5" laptop hard drives. This is why the new 1TB xbox comes with a hybrid drive, and why a lot of people replace their PS3/PS4 hard drives with hybrid or SSD drives. Many people are seeing DECREASED load times by moving to usb3 storage.

3. Any 3.5" drive can be converted to a USB 3.0 drive with a $20 enclosure. I don't know where you're getting "x10 more expensive". Often, due to how they bundle drives and decrease warranty period, USB drives are CHEAPER than the equivalent hard drive bought on its own.

4. You can plug an SSD into a usb3 enclosure, and you can even buy retail USB3 SSDs.

I agree Microsoft should let you replace the internal drive, but apart from the fact that having a usb drive sitting on top of the xbox is ugly, there's no actual downside.

Comment Re:Shitting all over casual gamers. (Score 1) 99

It's intended for first person shooters. You both "look" and jump/reload/etc with your right thumb.

This controller frees up your thumb to let you always look and turn while doing A/B/X/Y functions.

It's too expensive and I won't buy one, but I can see the point, especially for serious halo/battlefield/etc players.

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