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Comment Re:Still doing that? (Score 1) 631

When you're reasoning about WBC, you've got to take religion out of the equation. They protest *solely* to goad someone into assaulting them, or otherwise doing *something* that gives them someone to sue. They're only using religion because it's effectively non-contestable on factual grounds, so they can't be done for slander.

Comment Re:Lies, Damn Lies and Theft! (Score 1) 525

Oh, for crying out loud - this is absurd. Derivatives are *not* fraud. They can be used in fraud, but so can any other instrument.

Something you don't understand is not automatically bad; it's worthwhile reading up on options and why they are actually a rather good idea before dismissing derivatives as a dead loss.

Comment Re:cue the skeptics (Score 1) 128

Just the process of compressing the video for the client will add latency. You can't squish an HD frame instantly. You can't decode it instantly either. While analogue TV was still broadcast in my region, you could flick between digital and analogue and the digital always lagged behind - yes, it was buffered, but that's a necessary consequence of the technology.

A big part of what OnLive claim to have cracked is the video compression latency. They claim a ~1ms lag each for compression and decompression. They've traded off compression ratio to do it - from memory, it's something like 150%-200% more data on-the-wire than you'd expect for comparable quality traditional video compression.

It's really offensive from an engineering viewpoint as well. All the same components have to be there (game client computer with expensive GPU, game server, internet connection to carry multiplayer messages), but you have to add an extra computer (the "thin" client),

Except that instead of being used for gaming (say) 10% of the time, the game client machine can be used for its intended use *all* the time. It's actually a more efficient use of that part of the hardware, especially when you consider that these are going to be rack-mount machines where the power cost is a direct incentive on the owner to make them as energy-efficient as possible, rather than the traditional Alienware space heaters you usually see.

add extra messages across the network for the controller, and of course, pipe a video stream across the internet instead of a monitor cable. It's just not efficient. Even if the service is pitched at casual gamers who can't be bothered to install a game and want instant gratification, it will be equally damaging to all the other customers on that network because they have to share their bandwidth with people streaming HD video.

This part is entirely true. The flip-side is that if BT provision more bandwidth for their ADSL customers, they *have* to make it available to their LLU customers as well, so everyone might benefit.

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