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Comment Epiphany on Ubuntu 8.04 (Score 2, Interesting) 389

I used my addressbar to search a rather long search term that should have hit google, but instead hit bing which said it couldn't find anything. I was baffled to say the least. My search terms point to google's "I'm feeling lucky" entry, by the way - but put the terms in google search if the terms are too specific.

Happened today. True story.

The Media

Submission + - Node 3 Might be Named After Stephen Colbert

Panzor writes: Until March 20th, Nasa has opened up the polls to vote for a name for a new addition to the space station: Node 3. Strangely enough, their 4 choices: "Earthrise", "Legacy", "Serenity", and "Venture" are not the four most popular. It seems that the poll maker did not have the foresight to predict such a strong and unified force picking the 5th choice: "Other." Therefore, the race between "Serenity" and the suggestions can only be guessed at. On March 5th, Stephen Colbert pronounced himself Scientology's "Galactic Overlord" as he passed "Xenu" following a previous suggestion to vote his own name as the new title of a node of the ISS.

Comment Re:Ok then... (Score 4, Insightful) 244

While passwords can be brute forced given enough time, your face is almost certainly available to someone who has access to get at your computer.

Also, you could say that face recognition is just as secure as writing a reasonably long password on your forehead. Someone takes a picture and boom. Access.

Personally, I refrain from writing my passwords on my forehead - regardless if I can see a suspicious-looking character taking a picture of me square-enough in the face to capture all the digits. And, I also refrain of using or buying face recognition devices...

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